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Another Inept Offensive Effort Dooms Tigers

If you don't score touchdowns, you aren't going to win many football games.

Drew looked downfield, but didn't have any luck connecting
Drew looked downfield, but didn't have any luck connecting
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

A team that desperately needs a playmaker to step up on offense fell just short again. Amazingly, the Tigers had a legitimate chance to tie up the game with under a minute left. Unfortunately, just as had happened all game long, Mizzou just missed, again.

Special teams that don't involve Corey Fatony were terrible, and were a gift call from the officials on the opening kickoff from being a complete disaster. Punt coverage leaves something to be desired as well. Fatony is awesome, though, and I'm glad we have him for three more years.

The defense was excellent, but had to work harder than necessary thanks to the offensive failures (45 yards in the first half with one first down on the first play) and their puzzling third down drop off in effectiveness. It is very difficult to lay any of this team's struggle at the feet of the defense. They can't be perfect.

On the positive side, this team does not quit. Props to the defense for forcing the field goal try after the fumbled punt return. Props to the offense for finally moving the ball, even though it was against a prevent defense. I am also a fan of Scrambling Drew Lock. Leftwich, despite the near misses, looked about the best he has.

Bowl eligibility is looking very dicey right now. While two wins is possible with the remaining schedule, one or zero wins is frankly more likely. What's needed to get those extra practices is one or more playmakers to step up. A running game would be nice, but at this point I don't see one developing.