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ESPN: Missouri's defense leading the way ...but

On ESPN, Clint Stoerner and Jabari Greer attempt to refute Mizzou's defensive ranking with what amounts to "the eye test"

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Some folks just don't like numbers.

Missouri's defense leading the way for the Tigers - ESPN Video

What they said:

Clint Stoerner: "They're allowing 12 points a game, they lead the conference in points per game given up. But they've played Kentucky and South Carolina. They have not ran into the meat of that schedule in the East."

Jabari Greer, "I'm not believing it either. Missouri is good, they're top in the SEC in all those stats. But as a player, going by the eye-test, when you see Florida, Hargreaves, Morrison, side-line to side-line, intense football, as a player and as a fan you have to say there's something special about those guys.

Nevermind those stats that say Mizzou's defensive line is ranked #1 in havoc rate, or the defense as a whole ranking #7 in overall havoc rate. Let's go with "the eye test."

Defensive Footprint
Team Rk Nat'l Average
Std. Downs Run Rate 60.5% 61 60.3%
Pass. Downs Run Rate 42.1% 17 33.6%
Overall Havoc Rate 22.5% 7 16.3%
DL Havoc Rate 8.1% 1 3.2%
LB Havoc Rate 4.1% 17 2.8%
DB Havoc Rate 3.3% 90 4.0%
PD to INC 40.0% 15 32.2%

More like rolled eyes, am I right?