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Mizzou versus Wofford: The 2015 - 2016 Begins!

Mizzou tips off in game one of the regular season in a first round CBE Classic matchup against the Terriers of Wofford.

Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

We're finally here, we're back to basketball season after a tumultuous offseason that saw Kim Anderson lose some players, lose some staff, and then gain some players and gain some staff.
The preseason chatter is over, it's time to get down to actually playing some basketball and seeing what kind of team Mizzou has this year!


Wofford Terriers


1st Basketball Game of the Season


Friday, November 13th
8:00 PM CST


Mizzou Arena
Columbia, MO


To see if our young Tigers have taken the next step


Ben Arnet
RockMNation's Jarrett Sutton


Tiger Radio Network
Mike Kelly, Gary Link

By now you should be aware that Wofford isn't some pushover after having taken Arkansas to overtime in the first round of the NCAA tournament last year. While they do lose their top three scorers this is a team that shouldn't be intimidated walking into Mizzou Arena, that may or may not be half full due to well you know the history.
Everything we've heard from Kim Anderson is that this team will not take this team lightly, and should be prepared and focused for the matter at hand.
That being said, let's check out Sam's three keys from today's preview.

1) Pace - Wofford like to go slow, and this Missouri team looks to go a little quicker than last year, when they only had one gear, slowish.
Whoever can dictate the pace of this game will have the advantage, so Missouri Point Guards get out there and get up and down the floor and take advantage of the skills you have.

2) Three Point Shooting - Mizzou couldn't shoot from anywhere last year. Improve in this regard and you open the floor up for the forwards to make some hey down low.

3) Freshman Confidence - How much swag do our young Tigers truly have and how easily are they rattled. Stay within themselves and handle the low points that occur for all freshman from game to game and we'll be ok. Mizzou will rely on the freshman like they did last season, and the speed with which they grow up in game should tell us what kind of season we should expect.

Some things you should know about Wofford going into this game:

  • It's in South Carolina, so you know they are essentially second cousins.
  • They're colors are old gold and black, so they're ripping us off, since Mizzou was founded first. Way to be second Wofford.
  • Their mascot is a terrier, a tiny dog that would be a nice hors d'ouevre for a Tiger. Tonight you feast on Terrier Truman, eat up!
  • Their most famous alumni that you may have heard of is Wendi Nix and she's on ESPN in some capacity, so I assume John Anderson will be telling her what for for all us Tigers in the halls of Bristol today.

It's time to tip off Tigers, let's get at it and get this first all important win!

Feel free to leave your trifecta in the comments below and of course...M-I-Z...