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Pregamin' BYU


HOW TO: ward off a cougar attack
HOW TO: ward off a cougar attack
Jack Peglow

Pregamin' BYU

Pregamin' BYU info

Gameday attire

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  • The Tigers and the Cougars have a common opponent: UConn.
    • BYU and Missouri held the Huskies to almost identical yardage outputs. UConn tallied 230 yards against BYU, and 233 against Missouri.
    • The offensive performances were... slightly different.
      • Mizzou: 270 total yards and 9 points.
      • BYU: 539 total yards and 30 points.
  • Of the quarterbacks that Missouri will face this season, only two have been more successful than Tanner Mangum this season: Brandon Allen and Dak Prescott.

Player Attempts Completions Percentage Yards Yards/Attempt TDs/INTs Rating Yards/Game
Brandon Allen 268 174 64.9% 2,476 9.2 21/5 164.67 275.1
Dak Prescott 300 200 66.7% 2,351 7.8 18/1 151.63 261.2
Tanner Mangum 282 179 63.5% 2,198 7.8 15/7 141.54 244.2

    • Ain't no rest for a wicked defense.


1. It took a torrential downpour to end Missouri's touchdown drought. At the time this is posed, Kansas City's forecast is 67 degrees and sunny with a zero percent chance of rain. Does that mean we won't be seeing any TDs, or do you think the offense finds a way to make it rain on their own?


Jack Peglow - As long as we commit to runnin' the dang ball, Mizzou should be just fine. They haven't shown that they're willing to do that quite yet though, so I'm a little worried. Plus, playing in an NFL stadium is liable to give Gary Pinkel a case of the punts. If Mizzou scores a touchdown, it may come on the legs of its best running back: Corey Fatony.

AlaTiger - Bill's numbers indicate that the BYU run defense has problems. Mizzou scored a rushing TD last week. So Mizzou gives up any pretense of balance and runs the ball 90% of the time. At least one of those runs crosses the goal line. Or that's what I'm telling myself.

Chris BohkayWhat is this touchdown you speak of? Sounds like something from some sort of fairy tale or story that adults tell their kids that are so over the top unbelievable that they are clearly made up, like Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny or Donald Trump as president o the US...wait what? Also, if they want to make it rain choose Club Vogue and not Regina's Cabaret, quality is important my friends.

switzy227Mizzou will score at least 2 TDs in this game. Mark it down.

Damnatio MemoriaeAn increasingly healthy Mansbro, an OL that found a little success last week, a defense that has looked vulnerable against the run, and an OC that eventually started leaning on what was working last year?  Sure, I'll say we even score 2.

The BeefI think the offense will score more this week than the last.  Last week represented small steps for them, and while I think confidence is one of the biggest things this team is lacking, I think they got just a little bit of it back last week.

dcrockett17There just HAS to be some offensive progression toward the mean this year. I mean, come on. This offense is going to score. There will be a deluge of offensive output that will bring the entire campus together in a weepy, cathartic group hug. All will be well, dammit. Or is Wayne Brady gonna have to smack a... Wait, what were we talking about?

2. Neutral site games are dumb, so let's see if we can make them better. What would your ideal, non-campus location be for a Missouri football game.

SnellingI'm thinking of a beautiful spot in northern Spain, where they play in a soccer stadium near San Sebastian. And we all go out for wine and pinxtos after the game.

Peglow - Upload every player into the Grid and have them compete there. They get sweet, glowing uniforms and Daft Punk plays in the background. Who says no?

AlaTigerSelfishly, Legion Field would be super convenient. But I think we should play on a field in the Virgin Islands (fixed up as necessary) with a grilled Caribbean lobster tailgate featuring local beer and rum.

BohkayI'd say DC because that's convenient for me and at this point in my life I like convenience and seeing Mizzou, but if we're picking the most ideal place it would be in Rome in the circus maximus because the pasta there is the balls, and with Missouri's penchant for scooter fun, this just seems ideal. Also Europe is awesome.

switzy227I think Mizzou should embrace their increasing hold over the CFL and play a game in Canada. Edmonton, specifically, because of James Franklin and Kendial Lawrence.

DamnatioI'd take an excuse to take the L down to Soldier Field.  That's about halfway from Columbia to Ann Arbor... Manball in a frozen outdoor stadium late in the season sounds mansome as heck.

BeefI’d go with any of the Francis Howell schools just so I did not have drive real far.  I get lazy by the end of the year.

dcrockett17London or Mexico City, to "grow the game," or some such thing.

Only partly tongue in cheek... The two teams should meet in some place with mega TV screens to play the EA sports version of NCAA football. Put that bad boy on twitch and charge admission. Teams split 60%. Put the remaining 40 in escrow as a rainy day fund for student athletes doled out as tax free grants for a limited number of uses. We call the game "The No Concussion Classic." It's held at the MGM Grande in Vegas and sponsored by Fan Duel and Draft Kings.

I'm random as hell today.

3. If you could pick any one of the current Mizzou football players to accompany you through the wasteland of Fallout 4, who would it be and why?

SnellingIf anyone doesn't say Kentrell there is something wrong with you. Second is probably Charles Harris. Third, Drew Lock... only because he seems like he can take a beating and get through it.

Peglow - Maty would've been a great answer here. He's got that touch of crazy that's a real boon in the wasteland, and he hunts so he's comfortable around firearms. Alas. I like Lock's survivability, but I think I'm going to take different route. Give me Charles Harris. I need a big guy who can take a hit and deal out an even bigger one while I cover him from long range.

AlaTigerKentrell, of course. But why would I take just one? Give me the entire defensive line.

BohkayI'll be honest, I have no idea what Fallout 4 is, I mean I know it's a "vidjagame" because I listen to Rock M Radio, but it sounds very murderous and scary, so I'll take Franklin Agbasimere, 'cause I think I remember reading that he speaks many languages including French and that could be helpful. AND SAM THE DOCTORS SAY THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME, SO LAY OFF!!!

switzy227Kentrell is the easy choice, but I'm going Evan Boehm. He's the most Fawkesian of the options, and don't we all pretty much want to hang with Fawkes?

DamnatioI'm going with Charles Harris.  He seems like he could talk his way out of anything he couldn't fight his way out of.

BeefI’d go with Charles Harris…the long arms will keep whatever is in Fallout 4 away from me.

dcrockett17 - Since my kid is the same age as many of these players, I'm going with HCGP.  He would not insist on having a fullback. A fullback wouldn't have much utility outside a narrow band of somewhat contrived scenarios, and even then we could easily work around its absence. This will not be a popular choice with many. They will ask, "How can you expect to navigate the savage wasteland of Fallout 4 without a dedicated fullback?" HCGP and I will glance at each other knowingly, and I will offer him the subtlest of nods, prompting him to reply, "We do what we do."


Last week:

STRAIGHT UP: Mississippi St. @ Missouri
AGAINST THE SPREAD: Mississippi St. -7.5



  1. Chris Bohkay and The Beef (19 correct picks)
  2. AlaTiger (18 correct picks)
  3. Jack Peglow and Oscar Gamble (17 correct picks)
  4. switzy227 (16 correct picks)
  5. Sam Snelling (15 correct picks)

This week:

STRAIGHT UP: BYU vs. Missouri
OVER/UNDER: N/A, so I'll set it at 42

Mastheader Straight Up Against the Spread Over/Under
Sam Snelling Missouri Missouri Under
Jack Peglow BYU BYU Under
AlaTiger Missouri Missouri Under
Chris Bohkay BYU BYU Under
switzy227 Missouri Missouri Over
Damnatio Memoriae BYU Missouri Under
The Beef Missouri Missouri Over

Once again, the defense will be called upon to fight a battle they cannot win. Better believe their taking BYU's offensive statistics down with them.

Mizzou defense 300