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Mizzou versus Maryland Eastern Shore: The 2015 - 2016 Season Continues

Mizzou tips off in game two of the regular season against UMES, can they move to 2-0 on the season?

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Remember how Mizzou started last season with a home loss to UMKC? Well it's a new year, a new season and a new Mizzou! Coming off a big victory over 2015 NCAA Tournament team, Wofford Mizzou is looking to go to 2-0 before the season's first big test on Tuesday versus Xavier.


University of Maryland - Eastern Shore Hawks (0-1)


Game #2 of the CBE Classic


Sunday, November 15th
5:00 PM CST


Mizzou Arena
Columbia, MO


Can Mizzou move to 2-0 on the young season?


Ben Arnet
RockMNation's Jarrett Sutton


Tiger Radio Network
Mike Kelly, Gary Link

What a wonderful start to the season my friends! Mizzou passed it's first test after beating Wofford this past Friday, 83-74 led in scoring by freshman Kevin Puryear with 20 points in 32 minutes of play. On the other hand the Hawks of UMES went into the Octagon in Manhattan of Kansas (not the good one in New York) and lost a not so close game, 80 - 53. In the week leading up to this game we heard from Kim Anderson that the team was aware of Wofford's 2015 season and that the team was not going to take the Terriers lightly. The question tonight is can our Tigers keep their focus on the Hawks tonight, without either looking forward to Tuesday night's game against Xavier or looking back to Friday's big win.
As there is no preview for this game, I'll make up my own three keys to the game.

1) Turnovers - In their first game the Hawks of UMES turned the ball over 22 times to KSU. UMES tried several different point guards but never got in a rhythm or any sort of flow. For Mizzou to get this game fully in their favor and under control, Terrence Phillips and Wes Clark will have to have active hands, while the other Tigers clog up the passing lanes.

2) Three Point Shooting - Mizzou shot very well from three Friday night shooting 41%, keep that up and winning games becomes much much easier.

3) Rebounds - Mizzou was able to control the Boards versus Wofford, and to be successful tonight, they will need to do the same. We all know Mizzou had trouble shooting the ball last year and while they shot over 50% on Friday, there's no guarantee that will be the case tonight. Both teams appear similar in their stature so who controls the glass will have a distinct advantage.

Some things you should know about University of Maryland - Eastern Shore going into this game:

  • This is not the Maryland team you're thinking of, this is the one on the water in Prince Anne, not College Park.
  • UMES calls the MEAC conference home, same as some school in Norfolk, so let's give them what for after what may or may not have happened in the spring of 2012.
  • Their lady's bowling team won the National Championship in 2008 and 2012, so watch your step near the line, you don't want to enter a world of pain.
  • Their most famous alumni is Clarence Clemons who plays sax in the E Street Band behind Bruce Springsteen, so they can listen to "Nebraska" on their flight back to BWI to sooth their hurt.

Let's see what game 2 has in store, Jakeenan looks ready, are you?

As always eel free to leave your trifecta picks in the comments below, there is no prize but that of pride and of course...M-I-Z...