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SEC Power Poll: Separation at the Top

At the conference HQ, Team Speed Kills, we're power-ranking the SEC. Here's this week's ballot.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The teams at the top of the rankings are putting some significant distance between themselves and their lessors. Both LSU and Alabama took a week off to get their minds right before clobbering each other this coming weekend, and Florida walked away from the Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party with a very convincing, and not very Florida-like victory of Georgia. Things are a bit closer below them, but those three teams are the current class of the conference.

Just like we all expected.

1. LSU Tigers - Les Miles not coaching on Halloween is a damn travesty. Sure, the extra week of rest will be huge for the Tigers' big matchup this weekend, but at what cost?

2. Alabama Crimson Tide - Bama gets LSU at home, which is either a stroke of good luck or a death sentence depending upon who you talk to.

3. Florida Gators - Locked up the East before the calendar turned to November, because rebuild jobs are easy and simple and take no time at all.

4. Ole Miss Rebels - Chad Kelly's arm must be welded to his shoulder. Either that, or it's cybernetic and replaceable after each game. Those are the only explanations I can think of for his Air Raid levels of pass attempts not taking a noticeable toll.

5. Mississippi St. Bulldogs - Earlier this season, I was worried about MSU's chances in a Thursday night affair against a team whose coach is in the MAC hall of fame, but the Bulldogs have been more impressive that I thought and Mizzou has been.. less so.

6. Texas A&M Aggies - That offense is going to be fine regardless of the signal-caller, but it sure does look smooth with Kyler Murray manning the helm.

7. Arkansas Razorbacks - Folks are trying to tell me that the Razorbacks' monstrosity of an offensive line performed well against a lower-tier opponent and I just won't believe such exaggerations.

8. Tennessee Volunteers - BREAKING: Young team improves as season progresses.

9. Georgia Bulldogs - Just face it, Bulldog fans. You never really had a Schot(tenheimer) against the Gators. Because, well, ya know.

10. Auburn Tigers - You kept it close with Ole Miss for the majority of the game. A moral victory is better than no victory at all, I suppose.

11. Kentucky Wildcats - Kentucky Wildcats, SEC East contenders was fun while it lasted, at least.

12. South Carolina Gamecocks - Goal: do not get absolutely annihilated in three of their last four games.

13. Vanderbilt Commodores - Held Houston to 34 points, which ties their lowest offensive output of the season. ESS-EEE-SEE, ESS-EEE-SEE!

14. Missouri Tigers - Congratulations, Mizzou. You figured out how to continue taking losses without having to face another team in competition.