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Pregamin' Tennessee


Time to summit Rocky Top, folks.
Time to summit Rocky Top, folks.
Jack Peglow


Pregamin' UT info

Listener questions!

Gameday attire:


  • DID YOU KNOW: Since joining the SEC, Missouri has yet to suffer a loss at the hands of the Tennessee Volunteers?
    • Not even once.
      • Like, even when the Tigers were really bad in 2012. Not even then.
  • Tennessee's average national recruiting class rank (per 247sports) over the past four years: 16.25
  • Missouri's average national recruiting class rank (per 247sports) over the past four years: 34.5
    • Still no wins though, Vols.


1. It's senior night, let's reminisce a little bit. What's one of your favorite Mizzou memories that corresponds to one of this year's seniors?

The Beef - Evan Boehm’s commitment to this program.  He deserves to have played the most games at Mizzou.

Sam SnellingWhen Evan Boehm stepped up to take on the role of the center as a Sophomore. To me that really solidified the OL, and the snaps getting to the Quarterback for the next season, and if you remember, they were pretty good after that.

Jack Peglow - Kentrell Brothers' entire senior season has been an absolute treat to watch unfold. That, and the Boehm-led Christmas Thursdays. He's a man after my own heart, that one.

AlaTigerEvan Boehm with a video camera will be my lasting impression of this senior class. Great on the field, great off the field. If Kentrell sees this post, I hope he takes his anger out on Tennessee with his most dominating performance of the season.

Chris BohkayKenya Dennis. I've been to Kenya numerous times and I have a friend named Dennis. In all honesty he's shutting receivers down this year and he locked down the UT game last year with a late game pick. Boehm is the obvious and boring choice, I am nothing if not the opposite of boring and obvious.

switzy227Kentrell. Not a single thing, but just watching him start good and get better and better.

dcrockett17Evan Boehm's video of the offensive line dancing in the lot.

Oscar GambleRussell Hansbrough's touchdown runs vs South Carolina and Texas A&M respectively.

Damnatio MemoriaeHard to pick out just one, but two memories that will stick with me a long, long time will be beating A&M in '13 and Arkansas in '14 to clinch the East, particularly after whatever '12 was.  Just amazing experiences.

2. You get to plan and name the stadium expansion/building on campus/other memorial that is dedicated to Gary Pinkel. What is it and what's it called?

BeefI believe the South End Zone facility SHOULD bear his name. It was his dream to get added.  Hopefully a benevolent donor feels the same way.

SnellingA Taco Stand, probably. Ooh, what about a sandwich shop called Pinkel's Pickles!

Peglow - Pinkel Pavilion. An area of the south end zone expansion that serves as a quasi hall of fame for Mizzou's greatest players, moments, and teams. Add a bunch of communal seating with a view of the game. Live events are going to start becoming more social, might as well get out in front of the trend.

AlaTigerThe We Do What We Do Theater, where the same play is put on every week for fifteen year cycles.

BohkayAh...Gary, you did so much in so little time. I'd keep the name "Faurot Field" for the field and the catch all for the football stadium but rename it from Memorial Stadium to "Memorial Stadium Featuring Gary Pinkel." Because that stadium will always be there, always welcoming new students and older alumni, allowing them to have a Mizzou moment, whether it's their first, their last, or their every Saturday, doing what it does....creating Mizzou Memories.

switzy227Giant visor statue. I'd call it "The Giant Visor Statue".

dcrockett17Name it after Aaron O'Neal and Damien Nash; probably the Nash-O'Neal Center.

Oscar GambleThe Gary Pinkel Athletic Center (GPAC) It'd be an expansion of the South Endzone into a weightroom, locker room, coaches offices. See here.

DamnatioThis is tough.  I don't think Pinkel ever eclipses Faurot, but I think he's eclipsed Devine, particularly because Faurot and Pinkel retired as Mizzou-lifers.  If/when the South end zone project gets built, maybe something like the Pinkel Center For Doing What We Do, and Other Things, Too.

3. You get to hand Pinkel one of the white-washed rocks of our great rock M post-game. What would you say to him as you handed over the stone?

BeefJust simply, "Thanks, Coach" because I don’t know that he would be able to process much more of it

SnellingI might ask him for a loan, see if he was interested in supporting a Taco restaurant in Chicago. Or thanks. Probably both, but thanks first so I got his attention. Tacos.

Peglow - I'd thank him for all that he did for the university, and then invite him to a day out on the Lake of the Ozarks. He frequents the place, so I don't think it would take much convincing. I'd love to share a few Lake Drinks with him and pick his brain.

AlaTigerThanks for making Missouri football relevant again.

BohkayI'd say Gary, here's a stone, now let's get some good wine and just sit next to a fire and not say a word to each other while bottles are popped and sommeliers anticipate all of our wine wishes. Then, I'd slide off for a phone call and let Gary enjoy the moment and relish in all that he's accomplished. Then we'd get together and toast that Missouri wine needs some work, open a vineyard and sell Sam and Jack's tacos, because...FAMILY.

switzy227F--- cancer. And thank you.

dcrockett17What I appreciated most is how much you grew to learn to listen to your players.

Oscar GambleThanks Coach Pinkel, for making Mizzou.

DamnatioGotta agree with Beef here.  Just "Thank You."  Nothing else I could really say.


Last week:

STRAIGHT UP: BYU vs. Missouri
OVER/UNDER: N/A, so I set it at 42



  1. AlaTiger and The Beef (21 correct picks)
  2. Christ Bohkay (20 correct picks)
  3. Jack Peglow, Sam Snelling and switzy227 (18 correct picks)
  4. Oscar Gamble (17 correct picks)

This week:

STRAIGHT UP: Tennessee @ Missouri

Mastheader Straight Up Against the Spread Over/Under
Sam Snelling Missouri Missouri Under
Jack Peglow Tennessee Missouri Under
AlaTiger Missouri Missouri Under
Chris Bohkay Missouri Missouri Under
switzy227 Missouri Missouri Over
Damnatio Memoriae Missouri Missouri Under
The Beef Missouri Missouri Over
Oscar Gamble Missouri Missouri Under

Time to send Gary out on a high note, family.