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Missouri vs Kansas State: Back to Kansas City, MO

It's time for Mizzou to head back to Kansas City for their first of two nights of Sprint Center basketball action.

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After a close loss on the road to Xavier last week, the Tigers take on a familiar foe from the old Big 6, 7, 8 and 12 days, the Wildcats of Kansas State. Can Mizzou get back on the right side of the scoreboard and get their first win in KC since their victory over Baylor in the 2012 Big 12 Tournament Championship?


Missouri Tigers (2-1)
Kansas State Wildcats (3-0)


Mizzou's first game against K-State since the switch to the SEC


Monday, November 23
6:00 PM CST


Sprint Center
Kansas City, MO


It's CBE Classic Game 1, and it's go time


Bob Wischusen and Dan Dakich on the call


Tiger Radio Network
Mike Kelly, Gary Link

Welcome back to Kansas City, MISSOURI Tiger fans, and welcome to the CBE Classic Semi final game #1 or what is being referred to by ESPN as "Feast Week" because Thanksgiving, and eating.
The team across the floor should look familiar to everyone as they're our old friends who stopped returning our phone calls, texts, DMs and letters four years ago when we parted company with our former home, the Big 12. Last time Mizzou played a game in Kansas City, Missouri was just last year where they lost a heart breaker in over time against another former conference mate, Oklahoma State.
BUT, this is a new year and a new team, and with that a new chance to get a W against a former conference mate, which Mizzou has yet to do since leaving the Big 12 in 2012.
Earlier today, Sam posted his three factors that could decide tonight's game, so let's just re-hash them and break them down a little bit.

1) Rebounding! Spoiler alert, this will probably be the case for every. single. game. Mizzou is smaller than K-State, and they rebound ferociously. Everything every coach has ever said about rebounding says it's about effort and less about being bigger than your opponent. So, if Mizzou is to have a chance with a smaller line up, they' have to out effort K-State.

2) Freshmen! Whose freshmen are less fresh at this point? The freshmen that handle the big stage and the game better should have a big hand in their team winning. It's just that simple.

3) Wes vs Wes! We have a Wes and they have one, but which Wes reigns supreme? If it's our Wes taking things over and terrorizing their Wes, advantage Mizzou!

Other important things to know before the game tips:

  • This game is in Kansas City, MISSOURI, not Kansas City, Kansas, where nothing good is. It's like that cave where the dark side lives in Empire Strikes Back on Dagoba, just dark and full of robot-human hybrids that may or may not be your inner most fear.
  • Kansas State's mascot is the Wildcat, and their mascot is ridiculous looking at best. It's just some guy wearing a basketball uniform with a Wildcat head on his shoulders. The rule that the only people that should wear basketball jerseys are actual basketball players holds true in this case. You just look sad guy...
  • K-State's most famous alumnus is Kirstie Alley an actress known for being on "Cheers", a show about a bunch of people who hang out at a bar in Boston featuring a character named Norm. I've never seen the show, so that's what I've got for you.

Needless to say this is a big game. A chance to get back to winning, to get that important first win to potentially take on top 10 team in UNC tomorrow night, but most importantly to just put a beating on a former Big 12 opponent which we haven't done since March of 2012.

So, are you ready? Feel free to leave your predictions, trifectas and where you're watching the game and what you're drinking in the comments below.

And as always, M-I-Z...