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The Lazy Fan's Guide to Week 13: The Leftovers Edition

It's the final week of regular season action in the SEC, how will it close out?

Good day LFG readers! Hopefully right now you are laying on your couch jamming wonderful leftovers into your face, because like Chinese food, Thanksgiving food is best enjoyed the day after the actual meal.
Well, it's been a long season but we've made it to the final week for the SEC before next week's conference title game in Atlanta. In that time kristina and I have had to endure some really bad football (as have you loyal Mizzou fans), some really stupid scheduling and some mediocre games, for the true beauties this season were few and far between.

Looking at the slate of games we've got this week, well it's Rivalry Week in the SEC where teams that hate each other play and those crap out of conference games are replaced with intriguing out of conference games. Yes, some schools are playing their rivals from across the state or across their border because some schools are mature enough to make that happen. It's weird I know, one day we'll get there. So sit back, grab some leftover turkey, chase it with a shot of gravy and let kristina and I ease with the digestion.

To the records!

Picker Correct Picks Incorrect Picks Overall Records
kristina 9 5 101-42
Chris 9 5 98-50

Well thanks a lot Mizzou! The final home game for GP and you lose? We both were way too bought into the emotions surrounding this game...And South Carolina, you should be relegated to the SWAC or Southern conference. The Citadel? You should be ashamed!

To the games!

Arkansas vs Mizzou - Friday, November 27 1:30 PM CBS / CBS Video

It's the battle line rivalry with a brand new trophy even Truman would have a hard time destroying! I mean, that's a dumb name, DUMB! This game is taking place in Fayettville, so be sure to pack appropriately and stop at Branson along the way and go see Yo Yo Ma or Yakov Smirnoff. It's most likely Gary's last game so do what you do.

Scale of Watchability: SEC Defcon 1! It's Gary's last game, did I mention that? You lock your family in some other room, or lock yourself somewhere else and you watch this game and you thank Gary Pinkel for making Mizzou relevant again. DO IT,  NOW!

kristina: It's Gary's last game before our bowl game, you mean. Told y'all Arky would lose if I picked them last week. Lost 51-50, geez, play defense much? I'm the eternal "pick 'em" optimist, taking the tigers here. I never learn, apparently. It was too cold/sad for Gary's send off last week, we need a happier one!

Chris: Listen, this game is nice and all but Mizzou should be playing Kansas the final week of the season. I know many Mizzou fans say they don't miss the game, they're happy it's not played, it made them feel too much rage and that's all well and good, but I'm betting if tomorrow it was announced this series was coming back, everyone would be on board. All that being said, Arkansas is gonna put a hurt on the Tigers. Fare thee well Gary Pinkel and I look forward to seeing who Rhoades hires.

Georgia Tech vs Georgia 11:00 AM ESPN2 / WatchESPN

It's time for the "Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate" matchup. We like, honest, to the point, and let's face it, we at the LFG miss a long-standing rivalry, it was so much fun. Do we hate anyone yet? Manufactured rivalries just aren't the same, fancy little trophy or not. Georgia Tech had the injury-bug this season, forced to play a plethora of freshmen, and one DE is playing his final game despite having another year of eligibility due to issues from tearing ankle ligaments. Good luck to whatever comes next for him.

Scale of Watchability: DefCon 3, we say. The lines, so far, are fairly close, and the last two meetings have gone into OT, so maybe this one could be interesting. Also of note, the last eight out of eleven have been one score affairs. Plus, early enough what else are you going to watch?

kristina: Bulldogs, I guess. Hopefully it's decent watching, probably the one I'll turn on. You know, if the little people haven't taken over the television and put on one of those modern and awful cartoons. These youngsters just don't know what they missed out on.

Chris: Tech has been taking a spanking the past  eight of nine weeks with a random win over FSU thrown in there for good measure. Georgia is going bowling and potentially hiring a new coach, so I'm taking Georgia as the players put it all out there for Richt who may be fired because 8 wins just isn't enough for their spoiled fans.

Kentucky vs Louisville 11:00 AM SEC Network / WatchESPN

It's Kentucky's last chance to get bowl eligible and you know what happens if they do? Well Stoops gets another raise because PROGRESS. Standing in their way are the Cardinals (no, not yours best fans in baseball) of Louisville, who are already bowl eligible. Will anyone show up or has everyone in the state moved onto basketball.

Scale of Watchability: Hmmm...SEC Defcon 3. The other games book ending this one are not good. So if you must watch college football this Saturday, well watch this early morning affair.

kristina: Oooh, Cardinals! Did we sign Heyward yet? Or let me guess, another pitcher is already injured. Anyway, is Ashley Judd back to basketball games yet? Um, what the hell, I'll go Kentucky. They "need" the win, it's a home game, and why not destroy my winning record in the last week?

Chris: Man I really want to watch Kentucky lose and not go to a bowl game, because if we can't bowl, neither can they! Take Louisville and just know that Stoops is still gonna get raise win, lose, or draw.

South Carolina vs #1 Clemson 11:00 AM ESPN / WatchESPN

SMH. If we Mizzou fans shot ourselves in the foot last weekend, South Carolina shot their whole leg off, and more. Nothing like needing a win, but hell, forget beating a FCS school, just aim for the top team in the nation, whatever could go wrong? Although, have to say, their Palmetto Bowl trophy is pretty snazzy. We need a "rivalry trophy" power ranking or something.

Scale of Watchability: We'll just set this one at DefCon 5 and hope we're wrong for the poor souls who turn this one on. I mean, you lost to The Citadel. You lose, good day sir. Though the upset of the #1 at the hands of the bottom rung of the SEC East does sound amusing. If you aren't going anywhere, might as well screw it up for someone else.

kristina: Clemson. Though I wouldn't be opposed to the upset. Playoff scenarios be damned. Just don't steal our would-be-coach guys! What's Spurrier doing these days anyway? Is he even going to be at this one? Yeah, I'd be at a golf course too, probably.

Chris: The #1 team in the country is coming over for dinner and South Carolina is gonna attempt to ruin their perfect season. And that's all they'll do, attempt. SC is gonna get beat and then throw all their money and a cockaboose at Tom Herman, Kirby Smart or whoever they do end up hiring because SC is a great job, just ask them!

Auburn vs #2 Alabama 2:30 PM CBS / CBS Video

It's the IRON BOWL! Shut down the state and make sure that you cover that kick. At the start of the season people had this game circled, now it's just for bragging rights and for Auburn the right to do a little season ruining, maybe. You know it's Bama and they could probably somehow get ranked number 1 even with a loss and a win next week.

Scale of Watchability: Defcon 1 people. It's the Iron Bowl, anything can happen and wouldn't it be nice to see an upset in this game. So watch this and do nothing else!

kristina: Bama. I mean, if I have to make a pick. Bad memories from both of these teams, just couldn't let us have all the fun, eh?

Chris: Bama is the pick, though again, would love to see the whole thing fall apart at the hands of their bitter rivals. Bama, but I'm not thrilled about it.

Tennessee vs Vanderbilt 3:00 PM SEC Network / WatchESPN

Let us know if this sounds familiar. Vandy has no offense, but yet the defense is strong enough to make this closer than one might think. Yeah.......... that's what we thought as well last week. Least it won't be frigid, I mean, if you're going to watch your team throw up a stinker, at least the weather should be nice!

Scale of Watchability: Set it to Defcon 4. Most have the Volunteers winning by a decent margin, but again, why not root for the underdog? Vandy can't go bowling, but nothing like taking your rival down a peg or two. Denmon knows, it's so much fun!

kristina: As much as it pains me, Tennessee. Especially since it's a home game for them, not sure why I keep using that little tidbit as a deciding factor, surely there's a stat on that somewhere. On second thought, Bill's probably too busy with Puma's holiday catalog.

Chris: Vanderbilt has had a nice little turnaround season haven't they? But Tennessee is the way to go here, the Volunteers have also had another good season that will end in a bowl game. But if you ask their insane coach he thinks Tennessee is one of the best stories in college football...the man is a lunatic.

#21 Mississippi State vs #18 Ole Miss 6:15 PM ESPN2 / WatchESPN

The Egg Bowl!!!! I love that these SEC rivalry games all have fun names. This is probably the best game on the docket of the SEC weekend and could actually matter in the grand scheme of things if Auburn takes care of Alabama earlier in the day. That would somehow give Ole Miss the SEC West and that would be wild.

Scale of Watchability: Set us to SEC Defcon 2. Only 2 because I don't believe we should have two 1s in the same day. That's a dumb way of thinking but too damn bad! Watch this game, clear your evening. Maybe head to a bar so you get a break from the family.

kristina: Man, we just aren't going to agree at all this week, are we? (I'm screwed) Ole Miss. No clue if they can't park, but their condiment choices are sub-par. I mean, granted State did beat Arky, and we do thank you for that, but sorry, not this time.

Chris: I love Dak Prescott's game, and he gets so little pub. OUTRAGEOUS! I'm taking State, they've got home field advantage and I just don't really like Ole Miss. I have neighbors that are big Ole Miss fans and they have no idea how to park, it's so frustrating!!!

#12 Florida vs #13 Florida State 6:30 PM ESPN / WatchESPN

Really, Gators? Overtime to beat Florida Atlantic? And no one loves you, by the way. The very nice Tennessee fans in downtown CoMo were very excited that you were about to lose. I clearly am not versed in SEC hatred/rivalries/what have you as "'cause Florida" is apparently a thing. McElwain was not happy with the effort, comparing his team's energy to dead fish on ice. (Amusing though, wonder what he would have said had they lost.)

Scale of Watchability: We'll go DefCon 2 with this one, hoping the Gators got whatever the hell was in their system out and play like a team that's winning the damn division. Keep an eye out for Florida State's impressive RB, Dalvin Cook.

kristina: After watching last week's game, I just can't, sorry Gators. Florida State. (I mean, come on, accept this week's loss and your impending doom next week.)

Chris: It's another in state battle! Last week Florida barely got by Florida Atlantic and have been living on borrowed time and the weakness of the SEC East. Well that ends in this game as they get whooped up on by the Seminoles. And you're gonna lose next week too Gators.

LSU vs Texas A&M 6:30 PM SEC Network / WatchESPN

It's the rivalry that neither team seems to want to embrace. A&M would rather play Texas, LSU doesn't want A&M to be their rivals, it's a whole lot of who cares. This could be Les Miles final game at home as their coach and that's just dumb. LSU and Georgia fans, you're gonna wake up and realize that you had it good and then you went and made it bad.

Scale of Watchability: SEC Defcon 3. It could be Les' last game, and that's worth watching. Grab some wheat grass drink and eat some kale, go full Les why don't you.

kristina: Not confident in this one at all, but LSU, Fournette's due for a big game, right? So maybe the last home game for Miles, eh, whatever, Pinkel's been at Mizzou longer.

Chris: Teams don't beat LSU at LSU at night. This is an inherent truth. Take LSU and look for Johnny Football in the parking lot tailgating really, really hard because once you've been demoted to third string QB of the Browns you're probably going to need a drink or 10.

Picker SEC Winners SEC Losers
kristina Mizzou, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Ole Miss, LSU, Kentucky Arkansas, South Carolina, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Florida, Texas A&M, Mississippi State
Chris Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi State, LSU Mizzou, Kentucky, South Carolina, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Florida, Texas A&M

That'll do it! Come back next week for a short LFG where we focus on the SEC Championship game and all it's glory! Happy post Thanksgiving readers!