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Pregamin' Mississippi State


The offense give us nothing, but we will take from them EVERYTHING.
The offense give us nothing, but we will take from them EVERYTHING.
Jack Peglow

Pregamin' MSU info

Listener questions!

Gameday attire:


  • Missouri has never played in a Thursday night game where the weather played any sort of factor in the outcome.
    • Not even once.
      • Go ahead and look it up.
  • Dak Prescott has rushed for more yards than any Missouri player this season.
  • Prescott's 5.15 yards/carry beats Ish Witter's average by a hefty 1.31 yards.
    • Dak can't touch Corey Fatony's 26 yards/carry, though.


1. The weather is going to be TERRIBLE come game time. Do you see this helping or hurting the Tigers? How so?

The BeefI think the general rule of thumb is that bad weather can help the offense and hurt the defense because the offense knows where it is going to go, and proactive planting in sloppy conditions can be easier than reactive.  That said, our offense has struggled so much of late that I don’t know that it will matter, and our defense is so damn good that it probably wont matter either.

Chris L TurnerTigers know how to hunt in rain. So if shenanigans were to occur thanks to the weather, I feel confident Mizzou will get help in some way.

Jack Peglow - You're telling me that the opposing offense is going to have a tough time functioning before they even have to start worrying about Missouri's defense? Yeah, I'll take that. This is like the 2009 Nebraska game if Mizzou swapped places with the Huskers. Charles Harris is about to ruin Dak's day.

Sam SnellingIt surely couldn't make the offense any worse right? Right?

switzy227Helping. Maybe some Miss. St. defenders will fall down or something.

Damnatio Memoriae - Well, to the best of my recollection, Mizzou has never played a Thurday night game, particularly in terrible weather, so I really have no basis of comparison.  (cries a little)  Unfortunately, if the weather forces both teams to lean on the run, I think it handicaps us worse than MSU.

Chris Bohkay - It can only help the team. We've played so bad in decent to calm weather that we're going to find this team is better in the slop. They love the slop, it's in their blood lines. They just eat it up. Their fathers were muddas, their mothers were muddas. It's their time!

jaegerAll I know is the last time I went to a game in weather like they're predicting, I vomited in the tunnel under Stadium and Suh sprained Gabbert's ankle and screwed up the whole season.  So I won't be attending, and hopefully somehow it helps the offense?

AlaTigerIf it were to hurt, how could we tell? I think that perhaps the wet ball will make some of those near misses hits. To be blunt, maybe the offense gets success by screwing up in reverse.

2. If you're Barry Odom, how do you go about stopping the Dak Dynasty?

BeefI would think that a similarly sized Donovan Newsom could be appointed to escort Mr. Prescott where ever it is he decides to go while on the field of play

TurnerLet Kentrell keep an eye on Dak for the majority of the game. He just got robbed of being put on the Butkus list, and I guarantee he's itching to make a big impact against the Bulldogs.

Peglow - Have the ends rush up-field and play contain, then let Kentrell cook.

SnellingI've heard that Dak is a big fan of pasta, so I'm guessing just a big bowl of steaming Fettuccini Alfredo on the sideline, the smell wafting across the line of scrimmage is a good start.

switzy227Call defensive plays.

Damnatio - Gap discipline.  He's a big dude, so you can't give him room to get up to speed, but they use a number of reads and fakes and they'll happily hand off to the RB and take the easy yards if you let them, so you can't just key Prescott.  Even if MSU is ostensibly a "spread" team, I wouldn't be surprised to see Odom stay in a 4-3 most of the game, and force MSU to pass, particularly if the weather is bad.

Bohkay - Naked pictures of Bea Arthur.

jaeger - I tell Kentrell Brothers that it's Dak's fault he got left off the Butkus list.

AlaTigerGap integrity and a spy. The logical candidate to me is the man in the middle, Michael Scherer.

3. What bye-week bonding activities do you think the team participated in to rally the troops and get things moving the right direction?

BeefDidn’t they have someone from the military come and speak to them?  If that is not rallying the troops, I’m not sure what is.

TurnerVideo Game tournament. Missouri seems like a very Mario Kart type team. Your tournament winner? I'll say Michael Scherer edged out Kentrell by a few seconds on Bowser's Castle.

Peglow - Since it's that time of the year, CHRISTMAS. MOVIE. MARATHON. Spread that joy, y'all.

SnellingNothing says team building like mini-golf.

swtizy227Underdog sports movie marathon.

DamnatioThey tried trust falls, but the OL couldn't even block guys from hitting the ground.

BohkayI'm betting they stuck the whole team in a room where they just stared at each other for the entire week. No one said a word, but in that time, the offense knew it was up to them to stop f'ing around out there. That or Kranium, I mean no one's ever been in an argument because of that game, am I right?

jaegerFarting contest.

AlaTiger - The offense line got literal and superglued themselves together.


Last time:

STRAIGHT UP: Missouri @ Vanderbilt



  1. AlaTiger, The Beef, and Chris Bohkay (17 correct picks)
  2. Jack Peglow (16 correct picks)
  3. Oscar Gamble and switzy227 (15 correct picks)
  4. Sam Snelling (14 correct picks)
  5. Chris L Turner (4 correct picks)

Let us never speak of this again.

This week:

STRAIGHT UP: Mississippi St. @ Missouri
AGAINST THE SPREAD: Mississippi St. -7.5

Mastheader Straight Up Against the Spread Over/Under
The Beef Mississippi St. Mississippi St. Under
Jack Peglow Mississippi St. Missouri Under
Chris L Turner Mississippi St. Mississippi St. Under
Sam Snelling Mississippi St. Missouri Under
switzy227 Mississippi St. Missouri Under
Damnatio Memoriae Mississippi St. Missouri Under
Chris Bohkay Mississippi St. Mississippi St. Under
AlaTiger Mississippi St. Missouri Under
Oscar Gamble Mississippi St. Mississippi St. Under

Time to eat, linebackers. Hope you like your meat a little juicy.

What a time to be alive