Ian Simon: "We will be ending our solidarity strike"


J'Mon Moore, who we have learned was the first player to meet with Jonathan Butler last Wednesday:

"As the Mizzou football team, we've got a statement that we'd like to release and our team captain is going to give out a statement where we're all coming from in our hearts as a team."

Charles Harris:

"With this statement, this speaks on behalf of all of us, not just individuals, but as a football team, united as one."

Ian Simon:

"Our main message is to distract from the narrative that has been out in the media. It's not about us, we just wanted to use our platform to take a stance for a fellow concerned student on an issue, especially being as though a fellow black man's life was on the line.

Due to the end of the Hunger Strike, we will be ending our solidarity strike to not practice and returning to our normal schedule as football players.

It is a privilege to be playing on the University of Missouri's Football Team and we are very thankful for this opportunity. We love the game, but in end of the day, it is just that; a game. Through this experience, we've really began to bridge that gap between student and athlete in the phrase student-athlete by connecting with the community and realizing the bigger picture. We will continue to build with the community and support positive change on Mizzou's campus. Though we don’t experience everything the general student body does and our struggles may look different at times, we are all #ConcernedStudent1950."

Anthony Sherrils:

"Excuse me, everybody that wants to talk and wants the real back drop of the Concerned Students One Nine Five Zero is right here. You all can get the stories y'all need."

J'Mon Moore:

"As a football team we are here to support the movement and use our platform to make a difference."

Charles Harris also spoke saying:

"Let this be a testament to all of the athletes across the country, that you do have a power, you do have power. It started with a few individuals on our team and look what it become, look where it's at right now. It's nationally known, that it started with just a few."