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Missouri at Arizona Live Thread

Mizzou looks to keep their winning ways going as they head to the desert to take on the Wildcats of Arizona.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports


Missouri Tigers (5-3)
#13 Arizona Wildcats (8-1)


Sunday Night Basketball in the Desert


Sunday, December 13
7:00 PM CST


McKale Center,
Tuscon, AZ


Because the NFL has bored you


Pac 12 Network/Pac12Live
Roxy Bernstein, Bill Walton and Jill Savage


Tiger Radio Network
Mike Kelly, Gary Link

Mizzou has won 3 games in a row, beating a bunch of teams frankly they should have. They didn't beat them with great style or by the amount of points that could make the fans feel comfortable, but they did win, and last year that may not have been the case.

Mizzou has yet to score a road win this season and haven't had one in the Kim Anderson era. The last time Mizzou won on the road was January 28, 2014 at Arkansas of all places. And they barely made it to tonight's game after mechanical issues with their plane. Clearly, Kim Anderson and planes do not mix, those trips to A&M, Georgia and SC are gonna be long bus rides...

Can Mizzou win tonight? If you read Sam's previewyou've seen that he's not very positive on their chances, but let's recap his three keys to the game here but we'll be brief, because I'm into the brevity thing...

1) Don't get crushed by Ryan Anderson. Ryan Anderson is a large man who goes 6'9, 235 lbs and is averaging close to a double double a game. Limit his play in the way they did Jalen Reynolds of Xavier and you've got a shot. Also, he looks a lot like Miles Simon in his bio.

2) Limit Guard Penetration. Arizona has marvelous guards who like to go to the hoop (in the way we hope TI, Wes Clark and Walton do), keep them out of the paint and away from the free throw line and things look better.

3) Offensive Efficiency. Don't waste possessions, don't turn the ball over and be mindful of your shots. No weird three pointers at the start of the shot clock, pass the ball, etc., you know the drill.

It doesn't look promising on paper, but we don't play games on paper, we play them on hardwood floors with a nice shine to them.
What's your score prediction, who's in your trifecta, watcha drinking and how are you watching this game which is only available in the states of the schools and on Dish where are you streaming this game?