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Mizzou vs NC State Live Tread

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Mizzou looks to get that first elusive Power 5 win of the season against the Wolfpack of North Carolina State.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports


Missouri Tigers (5-4)
North Carolina State Wolfpack (7-3


Saturday Night Mizzou Hoops


Saturday, December 19
5:00 PM CST


Mizzou Arena,


It's basketball, it's Mizzou,it's your duty


SEC Network/Watch ESPN


Tiger Radio Network
Mike Kelly, Gary Link

Well Mizzou went on the road and they got beaten up pretty badly by a very good Arizona team this past Sunday night in a game most didn't see because no one has the Pac 12 network. So, if Mizzou suffers a bad loss and no one sees it,does it make a sound? Or however that saying goes.

Anyway, our Tigers return home to the cozy confines of Mizzou Arena to take on the Wolfpack of NC State in their latest attempt to get over the nonconference Power 5 hump they've been in for the entirety of the Kim Anderson Era. Is this the day they get that victory?

At this point you surely have read Sam's preview, and listened to his interview with Assistant Coach Loos (and if you haven't stop what you're doing and get on that now) so you know all the important facts going into tonight's affair, but you haven't gotten into the less interesting notes for the matchup, and that's where I come in...

Mizzou Keys to Victory

1) The last time Mizzou won a Power 5 non conference game was on December 28th 2013 against...wait for it...NC State in their house. So, it seems only right that Mizzou would win this game to form a perfect circle.

2) NC State will be tired. They just played a game on Wednesday against a school called High Point, they've had to take Finals and they're team runs about 7 deep. So, they will be sleepy and Mizzou will not be, having rested since the debacle in the desert.

3) Mark Gottfried after a win asked Joe Lunardi to put NC State in the NCAA tournament. Joe Lunardi doesn't do that. This is a man that can be tricked and out coached.

And there you have it. Mizzou has a chance against a tired team with no bench and a coach that is easily confused, so it's time to take advantage and get that first big win of the season.
Back in the predicting days I had Mizzou losing by 3, so prove me wrong Tigers.

Predictions, Trifectas and what you're imbibing in the comments are always appreciated.

May the force be with you...