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Watch the complete 1998 Bowl: #25 West Virginia Mountaineers vs Missouri Tigers

Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, you can now watch the full game whenever you want. Just press play.

Rock M Nation has written a lot about the man, the myth, the legend: Justin Smith.

As a free service to you, I've taken the time to highlight that moment Justin Smith eviscerated Marc Bulger and Amos Zereoué on 2nd and 4.


If videos are more your preference, here's the clip via Streamable:

Beyond Justin Smith, the 1998 team also had Senior QB Corby Jones, running backs Brock Olivo, Devin West,, FULLBACK Ron Janes, and linebacker Barry Odom, among others.

If you or any you know has complete copies of old Mizzou games, please let us know either by dropping us a line at RockMNation @ gmail dot com or in the comments below.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!