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RMN Bowl Contest: Happy Christmas Eve

It has been a couple of days since our last update, and the contest is moving in the wrong direction. Let's hope some off-shore bowl action will get going back in the right direction

Ah...nothing says Bowl Season like an Interim Coach getting carried off the field
Ah...nothing says Bowl Season like an Interim Coach getting carried off the field
Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Since last we checked in, the bowl action has been great and entertaining, and hurtful to our results. The contest now sits close to 100 games under .500 on the bowl season at 926-1014 (47.73%), as the community has been off on a number of recent picks. Going into today's two bowl games, let's pull for Western Michigan, San Diego State and two high-scoring games to get us back towards mediocrity.

Still in the lead, now at 14-6, remains Pat Forde, though he has been joined by Icknae at the top. One back from them is a small group at 13-7, with Earl Billings, bama, Higgs14 and Dawg/Over (which is all the underdogs and all the Over's). At the other end of the spectrum, we have zourah402, Mizzou2396 and Monkeypox at 6-14 with a decent-sized group at 7-13.

For a look at the datasheet, click HERE. On the link you can find your picks on the first tab (Form Responses 1). After each pick, I will color them up red/green to denote the winner. On the results tab you can find much of the behind-the-scenes data, but I would also invite you to the bottom of the page to see the yearly and all-time numbers, as well as the per-game percentages. Finally, on the Records tab can you find the Leaderboard.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!