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RMN Bowl Contest: Going the Wrong Direction

The post-Christmas Saturday gave us six bowls in one day, and the community at large ended up going backwards a bit

Ladies and gentlemen, the Sun Bowl
Ladies and gentlemen, the Sun Bowl
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

With apologies for not always getting these updates out as quickly as I would like (work, family and historic rain here in St. Charles has made the weekend a bit more hurried than I had otherwise hoped), let's get caught up on where we stand headed into a big week of bowls.

The six bowl games on Saturday produced some tremendous offensive action, but the results were similarly offensive to our search for Mediocrity.  On the bowl season, the community now sits under 48% (47.79 to be exact), which is more than 150 picks under .500.  Going to take a big run to even that out (or a tie, when everyone wins :-)

Individually, Pat Forde remains on top of the group, one game ahead and sporting a 24-12 record.  Behind him is a group of three, featuring Bama, Icknae, and Mizzoufan393, with a group of five behind them at 22-14.  At the other end of the table, a group of three takes up the bottom at 11-25, with Mizzou2396, J in jc, and trripleplay fighting to get out of the basement. And actually (and rather strangely), there is a TWO game gap to the next group of folks who sit at 13-23.

Coming up on Monday will be a double-header which will wrap nice and early and get out of the way for the final Monday Night Football game.  As a community, we would love to see the following:

  • Navy -5: (78.35%)
  • Over 56:  (58.76%)
  • Minnesota -6.5: (68.04%)
  • Over 49: (57.73%)
Getting all of those right would get us to 49.59%, so it would be a nice step in the right direction.

For a look at the datasheet, click HERE. On the link you can find your picks on the first tab (Form Responses 1). After each pick, I will color them up red/green to denote the winner. On the results tab you can find much of the behind-the-scenes data, but I would also invite you to the bottom of the page to see the yearly and all-time numbers, as well as the per-game percentages. Finally, on the Records tab can you find the Leaderboard.

Happy Bowl Week Everyone!