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RMN Bowl Contest: A Step in the Right Direction (Finally)

While not a perfect day, Navy and Minnesota did cover the spread and got things moving onward and upward

Keenan Reynolds doing what he did best
Keenan Reynolds doing what he did best
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

A wonderfully entertaining 3rd quarter had us a little nervous that Pitt might pull out a shady cover, but Navy held them off and pulled away, giving the Bowl Contest a big win and step back towards .500.  Four games coming today/tonight and some serious chances to turn this around if some or all of the right picks hit (especially if we get LSU and the Under):

  • Cal -6.5: 66%
  • Under 63: 56%
  • UNC +3.5: 55%
  • Over 66: 65%
  • Colorado State -3.5: 72%
  • Under 54: 53%
  • LSU -7.5: 84%
  • Under 74: 79%
Currently, the entire table sits at 96 picks under .500 at 48.76%. Individually, Pat Forde continues to lead the way, sitting alone at 27-13.  Behind him are Icknae, Mizzoufan393, and TommySaundersHair one game back, with Bama and GreencChileMizzou another game back at 24-16.  At the other end, Mizzou2396 still "leads" the way at 12-18, with J in jc a game ahead and trripleplay one ahead of that at 14-26.

For a look at the datasheet, click HERE. On the link you can find your picks on the first tab (Form Responses 1). After each pick, I will color them up red/green to denote the winner. On the results tab you can find much of the behind-the-scenes data, but I would also invite you to the bottom of the page to see the yearly and all-time numbers, as well as the per-game percentages. Finally, on the Records tab can you find the Leaderboard.

Happy Bowl Week Everyone!