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Arkansas Pine-Bluff vs. Missouri Tigers Live Thread

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Mizzou plays basketball tonight. Are you gonna watch?


Random Road Team
Mizzou Team Basketball


Rugby, possibly


December 29th & 8 pm


Mizzou Arena
Columbia, Missouri


Gotta get some wins


SECN+ (online stream only)
Broadcasters, possibly Jarrett and Ben


Tiger Radio Network
Mike Kelly, Gary Link

This is a game that, quite honestly, Mizzou should win by a lot. They're projected to win by 11 according to KenPom, and that's the state of the program a bit right now. But UAPB is a bad basketball team, and Mizzou will only play one more game after this where they will be favored by this many points. It would be nice to see something emphatic, north of 20 points.

The environment at the arena will be pretty tame, considering that most of the students will still be on break, and that Mizzou hasn't won much. But this is a chance for the young Tigers to take some momentum from their second half run against Illinois and put it to work against a team that isn't very good. Don't believe me?

Basically, UAPB forces some turnovers, but gives it right back. And they can't shoot. They actually played Oklahoma and Iowa State pretty decently, but lost to Texas Tech by 40, Virginia Tech by 35, Hawaii by 28, Army by 21, Nebraska by 23, Cincinnati by 49, and Michigan State by 46. Weird that they only lost by 14 to OU and Iowa State. So, if you overlook UAPB, they can hang. They also scored 72 points on OU and 64 vs. ISU. Against the other teams they were mostly in the 40's and 50's, except against Army where they got to 60. So obviously, they're not good at making shots, but if you let them hang around... and we know that Mizzou likes to let bad teams hang around.

So, feel free to chip in with a trifecta pick. As for a score prediction, KenPom says 70-59. I think Missouri scores more than that, I'll say 83-65. A good win, but not as good as we'd like.