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RMN Bowl Contest: Another Small Step

Some winners came in, but other results went against the group. How would it all add up?

Pretty sure Baylor just ripped off another 145 yard run
Pretty sure Baylor just ripped off another 145 yard run
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The 2nd half scoring burst from LSU and Texas Tech doomed us to spend another night below the Mediocrity Line, but another day closer to New Years brings more chances to get back to .500 as ESPN drops the quadruple header. Before we look ahead and picks to come, let's look at the pics already scored.

Another update, another instance of Pat Forde existing at the top of the table.  His picks are now 31=17, though he does find himself in a tie with Icknae, who has been right there all contest.  There is a pair of folks one game off the pace, and both are new to this version of the bowl contest, as they have shot up the rankings very quickly.  Fengsuede and last year's winner Matthew Vogt are both 30-18, with a large group behind them one game off (including All Favorites and All Overs if you want to know how the picks have trended this year).

On the other end, we have a three-way tie at 17-31 with Mizzou2396, J in jc, and threadkiller, with trripleplay one game ahead of them and a large pack at 19-29 (including the CoinPhlip) just waiting to take over the basement.  For the entire group, we now sit at 49.08% and less than 100 picks away from .500.  All-time has fallen off a bit this season, but it is still above 51% by around 1,500 picks.

Alright, to the full docket of Wednesday, here is how we would love to see the pics work out:

  • Memphis Tigers (+2,5): 72%
  • Under 63: 63%
  • Miss State (-7): 80%
  • Under 63: 64%
  • Louisville (+2.5): 57%
  • Over 48: 68%
  • USC (-3): 64%
  • Over 51.5: 59%
Memphis and Miss State getting early results would certainly set us up well. 16 games in the next four days.  Truly the most wonderful time of the year.

For a look at the datasheet, click HERE. On the link you can find your picks on the first tab (Form Responses 1). After each pick, I will color them up red/green to denote the winner. On the results tab you can find much of the behind-the-scenes data, but I would also invite you to the bottom of the page to see the yearly and all-time numbers, as well as the per-game percentages. Finally, on the Records tab can you find the Leaderboard.

Happy Bowl Week Everyone!