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The 2015 Rock M Nation year in review

2015 was a tumultuous year for Missouri Tigers fans. There were the highs of January bowl wins and landing top recruits followed by a historically bad basketball season. The promise of fall buoyed many but suspensions, protests and retirement capped off a year many would probably like to forget.

Here were some of our most popular articles from the 2015 year. I made an effort to stay away from our watercooler posts and tried to focus on what I'd call "original" articles. If you'll allow us a little retrospection:


Missouri 33, Minnesota 17: Beyond the box score

Missouri began 2015 with a bowl victory over Minnesota that saw Shane Ray, Markus Golden, Marcus Murphy, Bud Sasser and others go out in the fashion fans have come to expect: as winners.

2015 Mizzou Football Recruiting: Examining the scholarship count

In which I took a closer look at Missouri's commitments and added up the available scholarships.


Mizzou rolled out the golden carpet for Terry Beckner Jr.

Mizzou rolled out the golden carpet for the biggest recruit on its radar, Terry Beckner Jr. Guess what? It worked!

2015 National Wrestling Duals: No. 2 Missouri takes title over No. 1 Iowa in Iowa City

Mizzou wrestling downed #1 Iowa on the way the national duals title and a top-five overall finish for Team #TigerStyle in


Commence the Search: Replacing Tim Fuller

New head coach Kim Anderson decided not to retain Tim Fuller, which meant basketball was in the market for a new assistant coach.

Catching up on Mizzou Basketball Recruiting: March 2015 edition

Sam took a look at where things stood with Mizzou Basketball recruiting. We've come to rely on his insight and analysis to prepare us for basketball season.


4 years in Columbia

Sam did an amazing job interviewing Tim Fuller about his three years as an assistant coach for Frank Haith and one year under new head coach Kim Anderson.

On Jayson Tatum, Recruiting, and landing the big fish

Sam followed up a strong March with an examination of recruiting and what it'd take to land Jayson Tatum. Ultimately, Mizzou did not land Jayson Tatum.


On Mizzou Football moving to the SEC and recruiting adjustments

In which I examined the coaching staff's transition from focusing on Texas to recruiting in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee since moving to the SEC.

2016 NFL Draft: Which Missouri Tigers are early favorites to be drafted next year

I predicted three Mizzou Tigers are early favorites for the 2016 NFL Draft. Kentrell Brothers was one of them.


2016 Missouri football recruiting: What's left for this Tiger recruiting class?

After Mizzou picked up 11 commitments in just over a week, Bill asks "what's left for the recruiting class of 2016?"

The Outside the Lines report on athlete behavior is important and incredibly frustrating

Bill responds to ESPN's Outside the Lines series on criminal activity in major athletic programs.

Harold Brantley and Maddie Stock injured in car crash

Harold Brantley of the football team and Maddie Stock of the women's basketball team were injured in a car crash on a Sunday afternoon. Stock had minor injuries, but Brantley's were severe enough that he had to sit out the 2015 season.

On a happier note, there was also this.

Just amazing.


Missouri football 2015: SUMMER DEPTH CHART

Missouri released its summer two-deep, and while there almost no major surprises, there were some shifts on the offensive line. Little did we know how much we would end up talking about the line.

Mizzou's Greatest: Ben Askren

The final installment of Rock M Nation's "The Greatest" was revealed.

A two-time national champion and two-time Dan Hodge Award winner, Ben Askren built a legacy for Mizzou wrestling that the team has attempted to further in the years since he left. He is Mizzou's Greatest.


In 2015, Missouri might play the most true freshmen of the Gary Pinkel era

In which I attempted to predict Mizzou's first depth chart and which true freshman would play in 2015.

Drew Lock shines in Missouri's first fall scrimmage

The anticipation around freshman QB Drew Lock was only amplified when he completed 14 of 19 passes with two touchdowns in Mizzou's first scrimmage of fall camp.

Ezekiel Elliott made the right decision

In which Bill Connelly crazily suggests that when Ezekiel Elliott chose Ohio State over Missouri in 2013 it was the right decision. (Note from Bill: Thank you, sports god, for immediately and voraciously attempting to get me to regret this post with Russell Hansbrough's injury and the collapse of the run game.)


Fine, I'm in. Drew Lock should be Missouri's starting quarterback.

Bill throws in the towel and admits that Gary Pinkel should bench Maty Mauk in favor of Drew Lock.

Maty Mauk, Malik Cuellar suspended for game against South Carolina

Maty Mauk makes the decision for Gary Pinkel. Drew Lock would get his first career start against South Carolina.


Gary Pinkel on Maty Mauk suspension, Florida week press conference

Maty Mauk remained suspended for the Florida game, and Gary Pinkel spoke about that in a press conference.

Drew Lock first career start compared to Gary Pinkel Mizzou quarterbacks

Spoiler: Drew Lock was good. Counter-spoiler: South Carolina was very bad.


Maty Mauk suspended for the remainder of 2015 season

Following a month-long suspension, Missouri quarterback Maty Mauk was suspended a second time.

Members of the Missouri football team go on strike to support Concerned Student 1950

Members of Missouri's football team announced that they would not play for Mizzou until school president Tim Wolfe resigned.

In a way, Barry Odom is the worst-case replacement for Gary Pinkel. And he'd be great.

Bill makes the case for Barry Odom as Mizzou's next head coach.


Who will Missouri head coach Barry Odom hire for his coaching staff?

Craig Kuligowski was the headliner for this list. Alas, it was not meant to be. But the early hires have been pretty intriguing.

What does the Josh Heupel hire mean for Drew Lock and the Missouri offense?

Bill takes a look at Josh Heupel's resume and tells us what it could mean for Mizzou's future.