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Missouri vs Northern Illinois (Live Thread)

Mizzou faces a tough test against the undefeated Huskies of Northern Illinois as they attempt to win two in a row at home.

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Are you experiencing a little Head Coaching search hangover? Do you need a break from Twitter and Flight Aware? Well you've come to the right place! It's time to see if Mizzou basketball can make it two wins in a row against a quality MAC opponent, let's dive in!


Missouri Tigers (3-3)
Northern Illinois Huskies (7-0)


Friday Night Lights Basketball Style


Friday, December 4
7:00 PM CST


Mizzou Arena,
Columbia MO


With Odom officially hired, it's now basketball season


SEC Network + /WatchESPN


Tiger Radio Network
Mike Kelly, Gary Link

Hey, Mizzou won again! Though they did make it a game at the end with that little lull there, but a win is a win after the losses in Kansas City.
Tonight Mizzou takes on undefeated Northern Illinois whose fan base is probably not even watching this game, what with their team playing in the MAC Championship against Bowling Green. So you've got this game all to yourselves Mizzou fans!
We saw a lot of good against Arkansas State, and some of the bad from last year, but it's always better to look at the glass half full.

Looking back on Sam's preview from this morning, that's right, today was not all ODOMMAS, here are his three keys to wining tonight, broken down and shortened.

1) Athletes. Mizzou has more athletic guys than Northern Illinois does, let's take advantage of that.

2) Home Court. Mizzou plays better at home, from shots falling to playing off the crowd, let's keep that up.

3) Three Point Defense. The Huskies shoot well from three, let's stop them from doing that by getting those hands up!

Listen, it's Barry Odom night, he's gonna be at the game and introduced at half time, so let's win one for Barry.
Trifectas, Predictions, and Beverage of Choice for tonight are welcomed and encouraged in the comments section.

Happy Friday and let's all get a little Trill!