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New head coach Barry Odom on the recruiting trail

After being introduced as Mizzou's next head coach, Odom said he was hitting the recruiting trail this weekend.

We don't have much more info freely available at this time, particularly about the last three Mizzou commits on this list, but we've run down what info we can. It's fairly certain both JUCO commits Natearace Strong and Greg Taylor are still locks to stay with Mizzou. Odom will be in touch with these recruits and potentially several new targets in addition to evaluating assistant coaches during this championship weekend.

One thing I think Missouri fans can expect from an Odom-led coaching staff is a much more focused and dogged pursuit of top rated recruits. He was asked specifically about "locking down Missouri's borders" to which he responded that Missouri has tremendous high school football but he also wants a footprint in Texas and the SEC.

Odom addressed new staff and recruiting during his press conference,

"I don't want to put a time on when we were going to have a staff in place. There's still teams playing. Recruiting, the urgency to get on the road and go recruiting is at a very high level."

That would seem to suggest Odom wants to make up any lost ground in the recruiting game.

Trey Baldwin

Barry Odom's most vocal supporter, at least on social media, Trey Baldwin is about as guaranteed a lock to Mizzou as one can hope for. Baldwin is a heat-seeking missile on defense which is the kind of guy Odom loves. Baldwin has stated he wants to be an early enrollee and the early signing period for mid-year signees ends on December 14.

More about Trey Baldwin from when he committed to Mizzou

Trystan Castillo

The first commit of Mizzou's 2016 class appears to be wavering a bit the retirement of Gary Pinkel and changes on the coaching staff, notably his lead recruiter Josh Henson, has prompted him to reopen his recruitment. Schools like Minnesota and Iowa State reportedly are in pursuit.

More about Trystan Castillo from when he committed to Mizzou

Royce Newman

Newman, a tall athletic lineman who plays both sides of the ball, committed in June but he's apparently taking official visits to other schools due to Pinkel's retirement. His lead recruiter is Cornell Ford, Missouri's St. Louis area recruiter and a coach that Barry Odom apparently is looking to retain. Keeping Newman would go a long way toward solidifying this class.

More about Royce Newman from when he committed to Mizzou

Mackenzie Nworah

Mackenzie Nworah, a giant offensive lineman from Texas, is reportedly looking to visit Indiana. His lead recruiter, AJ Ricker, was not retained by Odom. With offensive line being a priority for Missouri this year, it would seem getting this massive guard back into the fold.

More about Mackenzie Nworah from when he committed to Mizzou

DeMarkus Acy

A talented safety from Dallas, Texas, DeMarkus Acy's lead recruiter is safeties coach Ryan Walters which tells me he'll remain committed.

More about DeMarkus Acy from when he committed to Mizzou

Jerod Alton

Jerod Alton, listed as an athlete on Rivals, will reportedly play defensive back if he stays committed to Mizzou which is a strong bet since his lead recruiter is Cornell Ford.

More about Jerod Alton from when he committed to Mizzou

Ca'Ron Baham

Baham is a Louisiana athlete who's currently recovering from an ACL tear. One of the reasons he liked Mizzou is his relationship with wide receiver coach Pat Washington, who was not retained by Odom.

More about Ca'Ron Baham from when he committed to Mizzou

Christian Holmes

Holmes is a lanky Atlanta, Georgia wide receiver prospect who's been active and vocal about his commitment to Mizzou. His lead recruiter is Ryan Walters.

More about Christian Holmes from when he committed to Mizzou

Tucker McCann

I haven't seen too much about the highly ranked kicker but retaining his commitment would seem natural. It does bring up the question if Odom will continue shift in philosophy Pinkel trended toward with regards to special teams players like kickers.

More about Tucker McCann from when he committed to Mizzou

Tre Williams

Last I understood about the highly ranked defensive end from Columbia's Rock Bridge High School, was he'd suffered an injury and had been shut down for the season to allow him to properly heal. He should be fine and by all accounts remains strongly committed to Missouri.

More about Tre Williams from when he committed to Mizzou

Darius Anderson

More about Darius Anderson from when he committed to Mizzou

Albert Okwuegbunam

More about Albert Okwuegbunam from when he committed to Mizzou

Tyreic Martin

More about Tyreic Martin from when he committed to Mizzou Mizzou Football coverage