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Mizzou Links: Demarre goes off, and Kim Anderson is asked more about discipline

Demarre Carroll scores a career-high 26 for the Hawks, Kim Anderson is still talking about discipline, and Mitch Morse talks about career highs and lows.

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Mizzou Tigers pennantWhat's on

Demarre Carroll highlights!

I guess it shouldn't surprise any of us that Demarre Carroll is playing a key, "unsung" role on an awesome, whole-greater-than-the-sum-of-parts basketball team, huh?

Mizzou Tigers pennantStill talking discipline

One of the problems with the Internet life cycle is that it generates the same conversation every day until a new game or story line pops up. During his post-game press conference on Saturday, Kim Anderson mentioned that the good thing about basketball was that there's always another game in a few days. Still, there was no game on Sunday or Monday, meaning all of the same questions and discussions about discipline have happened for each of the last three days. And during his Monday press availability, he had to address the same things again.

I say it's a "problem," but really I guess it's just a feature. When there's something good to discuss, it's like it happened every day, too. Regardless, it would be lovely to actually win a game at some point just to change up the subject matter a bit, huh?

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On the reception to his postgame comments from Saturday …

"Well, the response has been good because it was the truth. I just spoke the way I felt about what we needed to do to continue to improve as a basketball program. I’m also, I think I’m smart enough to know that the people that didn’t like it haven’t contacted me. But no, I’ve had a lot of positive support. What I said in the press conference, obviously relates to the suspensions and the guys that we withheld from playing. But I think it’s just the way we kind of want to build this program. We want to try to have guys that understand that this is a privilege and not a right and that they have the opportunity to play college basketball and they have an opportunity to get an education and have an opportunity to grow up as individuals, and I’m not really trying to be critical of any one player. I’m not. I’m just trying to say this is the way that I’m going to do it. I think it’s the right way, and I think it’s the best way, and I think if you ask the other 13 coaches that have been on this call, they would probably say the same thing. They’re all teachers, and they’re trying to help these young men grow up. If it means not winning games, which we aren’t, so be it because we’re trying to build this over the long haul, and no one’s more disappointed than me about losing games, but no one’s more excited than me about building this program."

On if he’s concerned old-school ways won’t work at the Power Five level in 2015 …

"Well, I’m not the old-school way. I think there’s a misconception there. I’m not Norm Stewart, and I’m not anybody else but me. I wouldn’t say I’m an old-school coach. The decisions I’ve made are decisions that I’ve made that I think are best for the basketball team. I don’t think it has anything to do with modern times or not modern times. I would agree that you can’t coach perhaps the way that coaches did 20 or 25 years ago — some coaches. But I still think that you have to have some discipline and you’ve got to have some accountability, and if you don’t, then there are consequences because when you leave college, if you don’t have discipline and you don’t have accountability, then you get fired. That’s just kind of the way I look at it. Maybe that is old school, but I don’t think so. I think that’s just common sense."

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Mizzou Tigers pennantBye, Mitch!

PowerMizzou: Exit Interview: Mitch Morse

What was the high point of your college career, on a personal (non-team) level?

Morse: The first time I got to fly first-class to an away game. When we travel to games, the offensive linemen (and defensive linmen) starters get to sit in first class. The first time I did that, I thought, 'This is awesome. My hard work is paying off.' Always seeing those older guys sitting there, I always thought, man, I hope one day I get there.

What was the low point, again on a personal level?

Morse: There was that few game stretch in 2012 when my snapping was suspect. It was a horror story then. First game in the SEC, one of the first snaps, and I sail it over James's head. I was feeling like absolute crap. One thing I knew is that I would be all right. Coach Pinkel just told me to settle down instead of ripping me a new one. He said it would be all right. That's the kind of guy he is.

Mizzou Tigers pennantFriendship and chemistry

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Mizzou Tigers pennantDean

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