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Basketball Live Thread: Mizzou at South Carolina

Mizzou heads back on the road to the other Columbia, can we do what our football Tigers did this past season? Let's talk about it right here!

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Hello Frank Martin, we meet again...


Mizzou at South Carolina


SEC Hoops


The Other Columbia


6:00 pm CT


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Ok Tiger fans, another game another chance at getting off that losing streak and perhaps South Carolina is just the team to get us there.

Let's give the Four Factors a look and see where statistically Mizzou and the Gamecocks match up, and potentially where the Tigers have an advantage or two.

In what can only be described as shocking Mizzou actually has the advantage in shooting is that possible? Well it's actually only .4% but you know what? We'll take it! Any advantage is a good one.
Otherwise, Mizzou is not looking so hot in comparison to the Gamecocks in rebounding, ball handling and free throw shooting. But that's to be expected with the way this season has gone I suppose.

Let's check on Sam's three keys to victory to see where Mizzou has to step up to potentially leave Columbia with a win to take back to Columbia.

1) Points, we need to have them. Seems pretty self explanatory no? Neither team are great scoring teams, so whoever figures out how to do it, will win, seriously both teams are not great at this aspect of the game...maybe that's why we're both in the bottom of the league...

2) Take advantage of your advantage. South Carolina is bad on the interior, Mizzou can potentially be good. So JW3, KP, Jakeenan, D'Angelo and Ryan, do some work under the basket. Be ready for passes from your guards and with a head of steam hit that rim hard.

3) Be tough. Mizzou is playing a Frank Martin team which means it's going to be rough and tumble out there, so be strong, don't back down and if you can out murderball the Cocks, or force them out of their flow, do it.

Finally, in not great news for Mizzou, Namon and Teki remain suspended and did not make the trip to other Columbia.

This game is going to be ugly based on how these two defenses play, so keep that in mind when we have long stretches of non scoring, but this game is winnable, so let's get at it!