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Mizzou Links: This dumb basketball season

Kim Anderson's plane is forced to make an emergency landing, Wes Clark's dislocated elbow will keep him out the rest of the season, and Mizzou women's hoops loses on a late 3-pointer. This season is dumb.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Mizzou Tigers pennantOy

Remember this from the awesome offseason (that seems like about 16 years ago)?

Kinda feel like we need the exact opposite graphic now.

The Trib: Anderson has to make an emergency landing

Not long after the engine gave out, the pilots turned the plane, which prompted Anderson to ask if they intended to return to Columbia. The answer came back that they were going to land as soon as they could find an aiport.

Anderson sat nervously in his seat while the search took and kept a close eye on the left engine to make sure it was still working.

The plane wound up landing in St. Clair, a town of about 4,700 situated on I-44 less than an hour’s drive southwest of St. Louis.

Anderson saw the interstate as the plane sank below the clouds, and he initially wondered if they might be landing there. But then he spotted the airstrip and a scene out of a Hollywood movie.

"There were police cars, fire engines, ambulances," Anderson said. "That’s when I thought, ‘I think this is pretty serious.’

The pilots landed the plane amidst the commotion.

Post-Dispatch: Close call for MU's Anderson
The Missourian: Missouri basketball coach Kim Anderson involved in emergency plane landing

Mizzou Tigers pennantWell yeah, kinda figured...

The Trib: Elbow injury will sideline Clark for remainder of the season
Post-Dispatch: Mizzou's Clark out for the season
The Missourian: Missouri basketball's Wes Clark done for the season
PowerMizzou: Tigers forge on without Clark

"He told me the other day it was fun playing in the backcourt this year with just me and him and we wish it could have lasted one more year, but unfortunately it's going to end here," said Keith Shamburger, who is Clark's roommate. "He's staying real confident about everything. This is just gonna make Wes a better player and make him stronger. I mean, he probably won't dive for a loose ball for a long time."

Now Missouri must find a way to win for the first time in more than five weeks without a player who has averaged 11.7 of the Tigers 56.5 points per game during conference play. Clark has either made or assisted on 30.7% of Mizzou's baskets in SEC games.

"He's really emerged as a guy who has kind of been our leader, especially on the floor," Anderson said.  "He's played with a great deal of determination and effort and I think he's improved.  I felt bad for Wes."

But hey, on the bright side, there were like another 25 "Clark gets hurt" pictures added to our photo tool yesterday ... so we've got that going for us...

Mizzou Tigers pennantTHIS BASKETBALL SEASON SUCKS (gender-non-specific)

MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou Keeps it Close in Thursday loss at Alabama
The Missourian: Alabama beats Missouri women's basketball on late 3-pointer

But hey, on the bright side...
The Trib: Abundance of injuries creates opportunities for others on MU women's hoops team

Mizzou Tigers pennantMaybe basketball took all the bad breaks away from the diamond sports...

MUTIGERS.COM: Softball Squad Opens Season at Dot Richardson Invitational
The Missourian: Missouri softball's focus on FASTER

Mizzou Tigers pennantBye, Lucas

PowerMizzou: Exit Interview: Lucas Vincent