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Mizzou Links: Kim Anderson reinstates Tramaine Isabell

Kim Anderson has reinstated Missouri guard Tramaine Isabell after a five-game suspension. Also: the NFL Draft Combine begins today, and Mizzou pitcher Reggie McClain wins SEC player of the week after his first career start.

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Mizzou Tigers pennantWelcome back, Tramaine

Hope you stay a while.

The Trib: Anderson reinstates freshman guard Isabell
Post-Dispatch: Mizzou reinstates freshman guard

"He and I have had some very good conversations about not just basketball but how important it is to be a member of the Missouri basketball team," Anderson said. "After numerous conversations we met again today and I decided to reinstate him to the team. He’ll be in uniform Wednesday at Arkansas. Depending on how practice goes the next day or so we’ll see how much he plays. He’s a guy who’s talented. He’s a young man that has a lot of potential. So i’m hopeful this experience of not playing for a few weeks will help him understand and grow a little bit as a person."

Anderson sat out Isabell for what he’s described as unacceptable attitude and behavior toward coaches and teammates. He missed games against Ole Miss, Alabama, Texas A&M, South Carolina and Mississippi State. Isabell has averaged 4.5 points and 1.5 assists in 15.4 minutes per game off the bench.

The Trib (Courtside View): Anderson talks about life without Clark and looks ahead to Arkansas

On adjustment Missouri faces defending Arkansas — particularly Michael Qualls — without Wes Clark

"Well, it’s big because Wes had really emerged as a guy that could guard just about any guard, at least do a good job on him. … Qualls is a little bit bigger, but that didn’t seem to bother Wes, and Wes had kind of emerged as guy who could do that. So that is a problem, because now you go back and you’re going to play Namon Wright or Teki Gill-Caesar or Deuce Bello. Those guys are going to have to take turns probably guarding Qualls, and I’m sure we’ll play some zone. How much kind of depends on how the game goes along. But losing Wes from an offensive standpoint was critical, but I’m glad you point out what a great job that he’s done defensively.

"Against Arkansas, we did a good job of kind of clogging the lane or at least making the lane looked like it was clogged up. But we didn’t do a good job on the boards. I think the game was decided at the end when they were just unbelievable on the offensive boards. I know the first half they weren’t, and then the second half they got going, and they got three or four offensive rebounds there in one possession there late in the game that was critical."

Mizzou Tigers pennantNFL Combine begins today

Today: Kickers, offensive linemen (Mitch Morse), tight ends

Tomorrow: Quarterbacks, receivers, running backs (Marcus Murphy)

Thursday: Defensive linemen (Shane Ray, Markus Golden), linebackers

Friday: Defensive backs

Fox Sports MW: Shane Ray and other Missouri Tigers look to measure out well and impress at NFL Combine - Exit Interview: Markus Golden

Besides Missouri, which were the closest schools to landing you?

Golden: None at all. I'm from St. Louis, Missouri. It was the only way my mother and grandmother could see me. I was born to be a Mizzou Tiger. [...]

If you could give one piece of advice to Missouri's staff, what would it be?

Golden: Keep that family environment. Them coaches built something special there from that family environment. It's big. Kids from all over the place, I came from Hutch to Missouri, and right away I felt comfortable.

And speaking of Tigers in the pros...

Mizzou Tigers pennantCouldn't have asked for a better start to the season

The offense scores 25 runs in four games (albeit with a more offense-friendly flat-seam ball, and albeit against Iona), and a new pitcher dominates. We'll take it.

MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou's McClain Earns SEC Pitcher of the Week Honors