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How to watch Mizzou at Arkansas: Preview, game time, and TV schedule

Mizzou has lost 11 in a row, but they've won at Arkansas just last year, can they do it again? Let's talk it out right here!

Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Mike Anderson, let's do this!


Mizzou at Arkansas


Fayettville, AR


8:00 PM CT


Because State Farm Insurance demands it!


SEC Network


Tiger Radio Network

It's Arkansas week, our newest bitter rival who we all want to crush under our collective Tiger Paw, but can we crush them, DO we have a chance? Off the top of my head, I'd say no.
But let's check out the Four Factors and see if there's a glimmer there.

Ok, somehow Mizzou still is better at handling the ball and not turning it over, so let's focus on that shall we? Just ignore that Wes Clark isn't playing, and focus on Tramaine Isabell being back!
This may not be the case on the road at Arkansas where the reffs will let the Hogs be a bit more handsy and get away with a bit more.

But can we win, can Mizzou get a road win? Let's check the preview piece from this morning to see how it can be done.

1) Handle the Hogs Pressure! As we know, Pressure is Cumulative and with only two ball handlers on the team that could get tough. But, our guards acquitted themselves nicely in the last go round, so do more of the same and Tigers, you've taken step one to victory.

2) Get second chances at points. Basically, we need to rebound and get those put backs at the basket. Another test to face for our big guys. Put that ball back in the hole Ryan, Keanau and JW3!

3) Get to the rim. Much like point 2 above, it's important to get rebounds but put backs for points are even better. Hell, if you can get fouled while scoring on a put back, all the better!

With those three things, some fair officiating and some scoring, Mizzou's got a shot.

Today, like many Mizzou game days, there's a birthday to celebrate. So while your toasting your Tigers tonight, raise a glass to Jack Peglow for he turns an age today and wish him well.

Go Tigers, M-I-Z...