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How to watch Mizzou at Vanderbilt: Preview, game time, and TV schedule

Mizzou heads down to Nashville to see if they can snap their 12 game losing streak, can it be done? Let's live it all here together.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Vanderbilt, it's go time!


Mizzou at Vanderbilt


1:30 PM CT


Vanderbilt's Ridiculous Court/Stage


If we don't we won't see that SECN money


SEC Network


Tiger Radio Network

Time to head down to Nashville to take on the 'Dores of Vanderbilt in our one game for the season, so to maintain black and gold supremacy in the SEC, we have to win this game. It also probably wouldn't hurt our psyche, that of the team or us as fans to get a "W" any day now.

Can it be done? Let's see what the Four Factors of Winning have to say.

In what should really come as no surprise to anyone, Mizzou is not favored in any of the four categories, but it's close in a couple.
So Mizzou will have their work cut out for them, but again, this is nothing new.
Let's check out Sam's three keys from yesterday's preview to see where Mizzou can make some hay and potentially get back on the right side of the scoreboard.

1) Make the 'Dores take tough shots. Mizzou has been a good defensive team this year, we sometimes forget that because of all of the offensive issues, but they are capable. If they can force Vandy into tough shots, that should give them a shot at some rebounds and run outs.

2) Own the boards and get second chance points. They say rebounding is all about effort and positioning, so let's get our bigs in the right spot and pick up the loose balls. Vandy isn't the best rebounding team, so this can be turned into a positive for our Tigers.

3) Control the game pace. Vandy plays at a similar slowed down, deliberate pace, so if we can speed things up a bit with Tramaine and Keith pushing the offense down the court, we've got a shot to disrupt them enough and to take control of the game flow. Dictate pace and tempo and you control the game.

Bottom line, Vanderbilt is young just like Mizzou, and rely on a big sophomore to get the job done, just like MIzzou, and they've been losing a good deal, just like Mizzou.
The similarities abound, so let's go out there and differentiate ourselves from Vandy and come home to Columbia with a win.
Wes is ready, are you?