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How to watch Mizzou vs Florida: Preview, game time, and TV schedule

Mizzou is back home in the friendly confines of Mizzou Arena to take on the walking wounded that are the Gators of Florida. Can we sneak out a win, let's chat about it here.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Florida....we meet again for the first time this year.


Mizzou vs Florida


8:00 PM CT


Mizzou Arena, home of the Tigers


Kim Anderson Demands It


SEC Network


Tiger Radio Network

Our Tigers are back in Missouri after a two game road trip and we're running out of time to try and get another win in 2015. Florida comes in with injured players, suspended players and the general sense of malaise that overcomes a team when they keep losing, something our Tigers are all too familiar with.

Will we have a shot in the game? On the surface, MAYBE, but what do the Four Factors (who are never kind) have to say about the game?

Well, it's as you'd expect, not good news from an analytical point of view. But that's why they play the games, regardless of what the numbers say when they're saying things that put us in a worse mood.

Perhaps Sam's three keys from today's preview will give us more hope for a winning outcome, let's check!

1) Shoot better than Florida. Florida can't shoot very well, and neither can Mizzou, but we are the better of the two teams at shooting less worse. With that in mind, let's scorch the nets and put Florida in trouble early.

2) Rebound, Rebound, Rebound. Mizzou did not rebound well at Vandy, and Florida has the bigs that can get us in trouble on the glass, so to our bigs, I say get in the lane, position yourself well and take control of the glass.

3) De-FENSE! Mizzou has to make Florida uncomfortable when they are shooting, get in their face, make them make tough shots, because as stated above, they're not the best shooting team. Lock it down and Mizzou's got a shot.

Friends, I'm not going to sugar coat it, this game will be tough, but it's at home and at home against a name team, our Tigers have a shot.

So put on your best Black Mizzou attire and let's get a W. M-I-Z...