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Mizzou Links: Golden, Ray, Murphy at NFL Combine, Freshman eligibility and recruiting

Catchphrase! Catchphrase! Catchphrase! Looking for a clever thing to #brand this morning link dump beyond "morning/Mizzou links" or "watercooler"

Shane Ray at NFL Combine
Shane Ray at NFL Combine
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Catching up on 2016 Mizzou Football Recruiting: presents The Zou News

Mizzou Tigers pennantNFL Combine: Ray, Golden & Murphy




Jeremy Maclin inducted into Mizzou HOF:

Mizzou Tigers pennantRecruiting

Haven't seen this discussed around these parts, but the notion of college freshman being ineligible was broached by the Big Ten with their "Year of Readiness". Beyond the obvious joke about competing against the SEC for recruiting, the whole notion of it strikes me as a step backward in our modern reality.

In this Exclusive from Cardinal Sports Report, Stanford's David Shaw discusses his recruiting strategy. Summarized quickly, they don't mass offer recruits because they want to make each offer "mean something" to the player.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Football Study Hall

Position Primer: Running Backs - Columbia Daily Tribune | David Morrison

Hansbrough, at times, showed that he could be Missouri's workhorse last season. He reached the 20-carry mark three times, against South Dakota State, Kentucky and Texas A&M. And he was just as strong on carry 20 as he was on carry one, sometimes even stronger.

Over on Bill Connelly's pet website, Ian Boyd goes in-depth about Modern pass defense and "the rule of three"

In the modern era teams can often get by while just having solid players along the DL but there's no escaping your doom if you don't have some good players in the defensive backfield. An opponent will get their good receivers and passing game fixed on your poor DB play, run the ball well enough to keep you from diverting resources, and shred you.

Coaches speak out against rule proposal on linemen downfield - College Football -

One of the most egregious examples came in the first quarter of Kansas State’s 31-30 win at Oklahoma on Oct. 18. Wildcats center B.J. Finney was nearly six yards beyond the line of scrimmage when quarterback Jake Waters’ pass crossed the line of scrimmage bound for a wide-open Glenn Gronkowski, who caught it for a 62-yard touchdown. The play should have resulted in a penalty for an illegal man downfield. Instead, Kansas State cashed in on the officials’ refusal to call the obvious foul.

And yesterday, Bill took a look at some of the thoughts around new DC Barry Odom's future defenses at Mizzou

Whether the base is a 3-4 or 4-3, I'm pretty excited about the flexibility he's going to find in his front-seven personnel. Big ends who can play tackle, quick tackles who can play end, skinnier ends who could play rush end in a 3-4. It wasn't hard to be intrigued by the thought of a Harold Brantley-Josh Augusta-Terry Beckner Jr. defensive front with someone like Charles Harris lining up with both hands off the ground.

Mizzou Tigers pennantMizzou still beat Florida

Steve Walentik talked about the Florida game in A win that redefines meaningful

It’s that time of year when, like it or not, you become intimately familiar with the high-definition head of bracketologist Joe Lunardi. It’s the time of year when the debate about who’s in and out of the NCAA Tournament starts building to its Selection Sunday crescendo. It’s the time of year when one bounce of the ball can determine whether a team’s season is considered a success or failure.

Vanderbilt Basketball is finally being forced to take HHKBChris's threats serious as we learned earlier this week:

The benches will still be on the baselines but coaches will be allowed to walk down the sidelines of the elevated floor.

And Vox (the Columbia magazine) looked at the Antlers in Antler Antics

Check in later today for an extensive Mizzou Hoops recruiting update from Sam Snelling and Jaeger will be giving the Florida game his Game of Numbers treatment!

Mizzou Tigers pennantWrestling

Missouri wrestling team claims No. 1 national ranking - Columbia Daily Tribune

The Missouri wrestling team is the nation’s new No. 1-ranked team, receiving all 12 first-place votes in the USA Today/NWCA poll released Tuesday.

If you listen to the Rock M Radio podcast, you've probably already heard noted wrestling enthusiast Jack Peglow describe Mizzou's win over Iowa like this:

"Iowa wrestling is like if you took Kentucky hoops and Alabama football and mashed them together ... and Mizzou beat 'em."

Missouri’s Alan Waters wins MAC weekly wrestling award | The Kansas City Star

Missouri senior 125-pounder Alan Waters was announced Tuesday at the Mid-American Conference wrestler of the week for the second this season.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Misc

Email overload: Building my own email app to reach Inbox Zero.

Last summer, I reached peak email despair. I started using email when I was 6 years old to keep in touch with my grandmother, and I’ve used it ever since—to boss around group project members in high school, to stay abreast of campus events in college, and to send job...

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