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Design Company creates alternate Mizzou Football concept helmets

We hired Design Company to mock up a few hypothetical football helmets for our beloved Missouri Tigers, and the results will blow your mind.

[fire emojis]
[fire emojis]
Jack Peglow

Over the past week, myriad concept football helmets have been floating around the inter-webs. You've probably seen them; they've been on ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Report, and pretty much anywhere else that you can choose to consume sports media. They're all super neat, but there's one problem: Mizzou never gets any love. Well, they got a little bit of love; but all someone did was take the Big Tiger Logo helmets and make them gold instead of black.

Real original, guys.

Frankly, we're sick of Mizzou never getting an invite to the Super Dope Football Helmet Concept party. We got so fed up that we went and hired our own firm to draw up some sweet duds for our Tigers. Design Company did a fantastic job, y'all. Let's marvel at their work.

Big Tiger Logo? Pshaw, how about TIGER LOGO SO BIG IT GETS ALL PIXELATED.

Pixelated helmet

This stained glass helmet is all about safety.

Stained glass helmet

Say "pretty please" and you'll get a helmet with sprinkles on top!

Helmet with sprinkles

This helmet design is straight out of your favorite comic book.

Comic book helmet

Here's a rusty old helmet we found out back!

Rusty Helmet

Let's spice up the color palette and LITERALLY JUST INVERSE EVERYTHING.

Inverse Helmet

This helmet glows in the dark!

Glow in the dark helmet

This helmet was inspired by the most fire notebooks seen in Mark from accounting's daughter's third-grade class.

Lisa Frank helmet

What if every time the Tigers took the field, they were wearing THE SICKEST EDIT YOU'VE EVER SEEN?

HOT EDIT helmet

If you would like to see more of Design Company's work, you can peruse their portfolio here.