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How to watch Mizzou at Georgia: Preview, game time, and TV schedule

Mizzou heads to Athens Georgia on a winning streak, let's push it to two shall we? Talk Tiger Basketball here.

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Time to play spoiler Tiger fans!


Mizzou at Georgia


11:00 AM CT


Athens, GA


It's better than being outside




Tiger Radio Network

It's time to head back on the road again, this time the Tigers are traveling to Georgia to take on another set of dogs, the Bulldogs. The Tigers got a much needed win this past Tuesday night at home over Florida and denied Billy Donovan his 500th win. Today, Mizzou has the opportunity to make an NCAA trip a little more difficult for Georgia and to see what the confidence from winning a game can do for their psyches.

Does Mizzou have a shot? Well they've always got a chance, but let's see what the Four Factors say from a mathematical standpoint.

It's not good my friends, but in the words of Han Solo, "Never tell me the odds." It's basketball and it's almost March basketball and that means anything can happen.

Let's check out Sam's three keys to today's game and see what we can gather to ensure that Mizzou leaves Georgia with a W.

1) Make sure you make your offensive possessions count. Hit those shots when they're open, swing the ball to the open man, get good looks and chillllllllll with the ball, don't be so uptight. No problem right?

2) Rebound by committee. Rebound the ball well (like the Tigers did against Florida) and you've got a shot at the win, rebound the ball poorly (like the Tigers did against Vandy) and this game could get out of control quickly. Work together and the you've got a better shot than playing as individuals.

3) Keep the 'Dogs from the Free Throw line. If Mizzou is going to have a shot at winning they're going to need to keep the fouling to a minimum. Giving away free points to this team is not the way to succeed, so keep Georgia from the stripe, and play some good D without touching and you've given yourself a shot.

Ok people, this one is going to be tough. Georgia is a good team, they've started rounding into form after a couple hiccups a couple weeks ago, but if Mizzou plays it's "A" game they've got a shot. It's the road, which is tough, but it's the road at Noon local time, so the students will be probably nursing "the cocktail flu" and there's snow all over the place, so Mizzou could be facing a small home crowd and we know how a good home crowd can affect the reffs in college basketball.

Let's keep the momentum from Tuesday night going, and just because we love our puns around here, just one more from Mizzou's Twitter account:

Let's get our first SEC road win Tigers! M-I-Z...