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Saturday afternoon thread: let it snow!

Never mind this morning, what's on tap for the rest of your day?

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Well, for those of you who partied too hard last night, and just woke up, congratulations!!  You missed nothing.  For the rest of us, let's put (our) basketball aside until Study Hall.  The baseball team was in action, plus some actually watchable hoops are yet to come.  What else can one do, at least for those of us in the Midwest, as it's now our turn to deal with the latest "insert NWS endorsed name" snowstorm?

Mizzou diamond sports strike again

As for the again, for those who missed yesterday's softball action.

After a bottom-of-the-seventh rally fell short versus ND, the lady Tigers found themselves in a struggle versus a lesser Penn State team.  This time, another rally tied things up and we headed into extra innings.

Recap for Friday's softball

Saturday Afternoon Hoops:

Previewing #18 Akry @ #1 UK - 3:00 CST on CBS.

Other televised SEC games:

State @ USCE - 5:00 CST on SECN

Tenn @ Gators - 5:00 CST on ESPN2

Aubrn @ Texas A&M on SECN

Also, in a meteor game, Texas vs #8 kansas on ESPN:

So tell us what's on your schedule?  Maybe some breakfast recipes for those of us snowed in that do not involve bread or eggs.  Unfortunately, no softball updates today, as rainy conditions have caused all games to be postponed until tomorrow.