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SEC Tourney Game Thread: Mizzou v South Carolina

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Could this be it? Mizzou is about to embark on what could be their last game of the season? Does the team still have some fight left? We'll find out tonight.


Mizzou Tigers


SEC Basketball Style


Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

8:30 pm
or whenever the first game finished up +25 minutes


Bridgetone Arena
Nashville, Tennessee


SEC Tourney Requirements


SEC Network - ESPN3
Dave Neal, Darrin Horn


Tiger Radio Network
Mike Kelly, Gary Link

Keeping an eye on the Four Factors! For a quick explanation on what they mean: Click Here!

Both teams seem to be pretty terrible on offense, but SC makes up for it with a better Offensive Rebounding rate, and getting to the FT line more.


Last time we played these guys SC took the game in the other Columbia 65-60. Bill C. then said this:

If we're just stocking up on encouraging moments and performances to give ourselves hope in the offseason, Jakeenan Gant really has had a nice couple of offensive games, J3 managed to do some decent things despite seeing a lot of attention from a really good defensive team, Deuce Bello looked competent in a point guard type of role, and D'Angelo Allen discovered his jumper again (it's always the last place you look). And perhaps most encouraging of all, after a brief funk following Wes Clark's gross injury, the team rallied and fought like crazy down the stretch. It didn't work out, of course, but in the season's seven remaining games (plus the conference tournament), simple fight and passion could be the most important traits to see. This team hasn't given up on the season, even if the season long since gave up on this team.

There are plenty of discouraging things, too, when you lose a game to a team that was 2-8 in conference play, but we already know what those were. We're in full-on "hoarding the good" mode now, and there was some good to be seen.

The loss of Wes Clark in the middle of the season is hard to place as any sort of turning point, besides the fact that the Tigers lost their best penetrator on offense, and one of the few guys capable of creating his own shot, the injury did force a couple young Tigers into a bigger role, namely Namon Wright and Montaque Gill-Caesar. Both had their moments during the season but had yet to really impress on a consistent basis.

That sort of brings us to the three keys I talked about in the Tourney preview, and what Mizzou needs to do to have success against the Gamecocks and possibly beyond. 1) they have to be the Good Version of the Tigers on offense. 2) the two freshmen wings are going to have to show up and knock down shots and 3) don't give them extra possessions. Missouri already plays at a deficit most of the time, it's important to prevent that deficit from deepening by turning the ball over and giving up second chance points.

Technically any tournament gives a team a 0-0 record, and Mizzou is going to have to fight like hell if they want to keep their season going. Let's hope for the best, as bad as it's been, I'd be happy for a few more games to watch! I didn't leave trifecta opportunities in the preview, so leave them here...

I'll be positive and say JW3, Teki and Shams and Mizzou wins 63-57.