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#SECTournamentFever: Day 4

It's championship Sunday, but before we talk trophies, we've got to talk what went down on Saturday!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Aside from the surprise showing from Auburn, the top seed made it to Saturday and gave themselves a chance to get an invitation to the championship game.
How did it go down? 
Let's take a look!

Kentucky (91) - Auburn (67)
After two upsets Auburn ran into Kentucky and with their squad cut down due to suspensions, Jordan Granger for fighting on Friday and Cinmeon Bowers for something unspecified, didn't have a great shot. Kentucky shot over fifty percent and out rebounded the Tigers 39-25. Auburn would have had to play a perfect game to have a shot and they didn't. In the end, like everyone else that faced off with the Cats, the Tigers went down, but for their fans this run showed the potential of what could be next year.

What's next for both teams?
-Kentucky lived to play another day as they head to the Championship game against Arkansas at the 1:00 PM eastern.
-Auburn heads home to Alabama and looks to build off this year's tournament run and with Bruce Pearl at the helm the future looks bright for the Tigers.

A Sea of Blue notes that with suspensions, Auburn was out of their depth

Auburn played as hard as they could, but they were simply out of their depth. Their tallest player at the tip was no bigger than the shortest player fielded by Kentucky, and that kind of summed up the most noticeable disadvantage the Tigers suffered yesterday. Auburn's players did not come to roll over, however, as they all gave the best account of themselves that they could. Unfortunately for them, it wasn't nearly enough. We wish the Tigers well, and expect that they will be much better next season after Bruce Pearl's recruiting brings in some better talent.

College and Magnolia saw a lot of fight

Kentucky had the game in hand early, that much was clear. But Bruce Pearl's Tigers fought hard until the very end. They were not going to let Kentucky just cruise through the game without having to earn a little bit of it. Similar to the first game, Kentucky jumped out to a big half time lead, but they didn't increase that lead very much over the course of the second half as Auburn clung on as hard as they could.

Arkansas (60) - Georgia (49)
For the second year in a row Georgia made it to the semifinals of the SEC tournament but couldn't quite get over the hump against the Razorbacks. The game was slow paced and both teams just looked off with neither having a great shooting night from the floor. Arkansas did what Arkansas does and it wore down the Dawgs, and the game was never really close. Bobby Portis, SEC Player of Year only scored four points and the Hogs still had little issue in this game. Coming up both teams will be in the NCAAs so we'll get to see them some more.

What's next for both teams?
-Arkansas looks to do what no one else has done, take down Kentucky in the SEC Championship game today at 1:00 pm ET.
-Georgia heads home and waits to see where it's headed and when the seedings get announced tonight for this week's NCAA tournament.

Arkansas Fight was pleased to see other step up in Bobby Portis' place

The first half was awful, although Arkansas led throughout so no one seemed to mind too much. Bobby Portis didn't even score until the second half. Nick Babb even came in when nothing was working and was able to score five points, including the first free throws of his Razorback career. Those five points were huge because they came at a point when no one was scoring in the first half. It was really the first time Arkansas was able to create some separation between themselves and Georgia. Arkansas went into halftime with a 25-17 lead.

Dawg Sports didn't have anything on the game at publishing time but once they do I'll update the post


And that's how your Saturday in Nashville played out! It's time to see whether Arkansas has a chance to take down the perfect Wildcats, hopefully it's a good game and not a repeat of what went down in Rupp a couple weeks ago.
Belegcam will have the finale wrapped up for you tomorrow and this will do it for me, it's been another fun season of SECBASKETBALLFEVER, thanks for stopping by and reading.