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Selection Sunday 2015 live thread: How and when to watch the brackets get unveiled

Print your blank bracket here.

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It's time for the NCAA selection show! Let's summarize what I wrote this morning now that we know most of today's results. (Insert "boo, late tipoffs" grumble here. I hope Wisconsin and Michigan State go to six damn overtimes.)

Last Few In

With UConn finally done, I'll stick with the in-or-out line I had this morning.

Oklahoma State (17-13)
Texas (20-13)
Georgia (21-11)
Purdue (21-12)
Davidson (23-7)
BYU (23-9)
LSU (22-10)
Boise State (23-8)
Colorado State (26-6)
Ole Miss (20-12)
Temple (23-10)

After running the numbers, before making some manual adjustments, Georgia and Purdue were a little lower, Temple was higher, and ODU was in instead of Ole Miss/Temple. We'll see if I come to regret making those changes.

First Few Out

Indiana (20-13)
Old Dominion (24-7)
UCLA (20-13)
Miami (21-12)
Tulsa (22-9)
Murray State (25-5)
Texas A&M (20-11)

If one of these teams gets in, I would love for it to be either ODU or Murray State. I think we know all we need to know about Indiana, UCLA, and Miami at this point.

The Likely Seeds

1 - Kentucky, Villanova, Wisconsin, Duke
2 - Virginia, Arizona, Gonzaga, Kansas
3 - Iowa State, Notre Dame, Maryland, Baylor
4 - Oklahoma, Northern Iowa, North Carolina, Louisville
5 - West Virginia, Arkansas, Georgetown, SMU
6 - Wichita State, Utah, Butler, Michigan State
7 - VCU, Providence, Oregon, San Diego State
8 - Iowa, Xavier, Cincinnati, Ohio State
9 - Dayton, St. John's, NC State, Oklahoma State
10 - Texas, Georgia, Purdue, Davidson
11 - BYU, LSU, Play-In Teams (Boise State, Colorado State, Ole Miss, Temple)
12 - Stephen F. Austin, Buffalo, Wofford, Valparaiso
13 - Wyoming, Harvard, Georgia State, Eastern Washington
14 - Northeastern, NMSU, UC Irvine, Albany
15 - UAB, North Dakota State, Belmont, Coastal Carolina
16 - Texas Southern, Lafayette, Play-In Teams (North Florida, Manhattan, Robert Morris, Hampton)

UAB was originally on the 16 line at 18-15, but I'm curious if the committee will give more of a name(ish) team a 16. We'll see.

How to watch

Time: 6 p.m. ET

TV channel: CBS (WBNS 10TV in Columbus)

Streaming online: March Madness Live (from CBS Sports)