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8th Annual Rock M Nation Bracket Challenge is HERE!

Thanks to SB Nation, we've got not one, but TWO different kinds of bracket contests for this season. Pick your poison!

Nope...there is no trophy up for grabs in this contest
Nope...there is no trophy up for grabs in this contest
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Alright folks, the second-longest standing tradition (next to the Bowl Pick 'Em) is back for another season, but with a twist.  This year, Rock M will have not one, but TWO different bracket challenge groups.  Because SB Nation has set up their own competition platform, we are going to give their technology a try.

First up will be something new this year.  For folks who have either more interest or time on their hands, I present the Rock M Nation Hardcore Challenge.

Group Name: Rock M Nation Hardcore
Group Password: tigers
Group LinkHERE

In this version, you have the ability to change your picks once the games have started.  Hell, you can change them DURING the game.  Do I have any idea how this works?  Absolutely not.  But, it sounds interesting, so we will give it a shot. The game is free to join, and certainly all are welcome.

For the traditionalists, we've not forgotten about you.  Here is the info on the standard bracket Challenge (also supported by SBN's platform):

Group Name: Rock M Nation Traditional
Group Passowrd: tigers
Group LinkHERE

One thing to keep an eye out for was that it was not immediately obvious about how to have more than one team per login, so I simply created two.  If you choose to have teams in both leagues, it may be something for which you need to account.  I had no problem doing so, but it was something I felt required mention.

As always, no prizes and barely any bragging rights are on the line, so do your best.  I will have updates as we go through the tournament from both leagues.  Best of luck everyone!