Columbia police close Menu Courey case


Per Dave Matter, the Columbia Police Department has closed its investigation of sexual assault claims made by the late Sasha Menu Courey. "Although several people have speculation on the identity of a subject who may have sexually assaulted Sasha, there is no information available to clearly establish that this person actually committed the act," the report says. Matter's article also includes names of those who might have been allegedly involved -- beyond Gilbert Moye, I'm not sure I'd ever seen another name mentioned -- but not enough evidence existed to pursue the case further. Honestly, I wish I had something substantive to say here, but I'm not sure what that would be. Everything about this situation was awful. Mizzou has clearer, stronger Title IX interpretations in place now, and if anything like this were to allegedly happen again, the university and the athletic department will be equipped to handle it as aggressively as possible.