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Mizzou Links: Sheldon on Shane, Odom against the under-40 set, and recruiting locally

Sheldon Richardson loves Shane Ray, Braylon Webb is an underrated prospect, Barry Odom is a stud among the under-40 set, and the politics of recruiting locally are tricky. And Kentrell Brothers and Michael Scherer are just awesome.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Love these two. And somehow Scherer's only a junior.

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): MU Scrimmage No. 2: Inside the Numbers



Maty Mauk: 2 of 9, 9 yards


Russell Hansbrough: 5 for 15
Maty Mauk: 3 for 18
Tyler Hunt: 3 for 15

Sacks: 2 for -17

Totals: 13 for 31 (2.38 average)


DeSean Blair: 2 targets, 1 catch, 1 yard
Russell Hansbrough: 2 targets
Jason Reese: 2 targets
Wesley Leftwich: 1 target, 1 catch, 8 yards
J’Mon Moore: 1 target
Thomas Richard: 1 target

Mizzou Tigers pennant In the pros (past, present, future)

Aw, Big Shel Sheldon Richardson: Shane Ray Is 'My Lil' Bro'

Pro Football Focus: CFF Sig Stats: Safeties, Part 2

Braylon Webb of Missouri and Adrian Amos of Penn State came in tied allowing 0.30 yards per coverage snap and are a pair to watch come draft weekend. Webb spent over 800 of his snaps back as a high safety while Amos lined up over a slot WR on a third of his.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: 2009 NFL Draft: Six Years Later

My guess is the consensus would be Maclin is the best receiver. Even if you prorate his per-season work to account for his lost 2013, he is still behind Wallace by DYAR and, unlike Harvin, adding in rushing DYAR hurts rather than helps him. Outside 2013, though, he has been consistently productive. Given this class's cast of players with yo-yo production (Britt, Crabtree, Nicks, Wallace), that sets him apart.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Honestly, Kiffin and Durkin are a bit high for my liking...

...but this is a pretty decent list. And a certain Coach Odom is well-placed... (Travis Haney): Alabama Crimson Tide OC Lane Kiffin leads top young coordinators list

7. Barry Odom, Missouri DC (38)

Odom, a former Missouri assistant, was a natural choice to replace Mizzou vet Dave Steckel, who was a Broyles finalist this past season. That likely didn’t help Memphis coach Justin Fuente feel any better about losing his prized DC. The progress of Odom’s defense greatly helped the Tigers rise from the pit of their league to a 10-win season that included a bowl victory. Memphis’ defense was an astounding 10th in the FBS, giving up 4.73 yards per play. It’ll be tough to keep up that pace without Odom.

Mizzou Tigers pennant An interesting thought about recruiting, relationships, and St. Louis...

PowerMizzou: Recruiting Mailbag

AsonUnique asks: Noticed Roderick Campbell, the CB from STL, was offered by Notre Dame without needing to visit the school or staff. I find it interesting that ND, among other Power 5 schools, are willing to extend an offer to him without seeing him in person or having him come for an unofficial visit. Why does the Mizzou staff prolong the evaluation process for in-state prospects? They seem to offer "lesser-rated" out-of-state prospects faster than they do "higher-rated" in-state prospects, even though these in-state kids do make the trip (ie Junior Day). Can't imagine Mizzou is more judicious than ND when it comes to evaluating and offering athletes, especially when the Irish have stricter academic qualifications.

Brian Austin: First off, Campbell has visited Notre Dame and at least one of them was before he was offered. What it really comes down to, though, is Notre Dame and all the other schools that have offered Campbell can tell him the offer isn't committable and Mizzou can't. Notre Dame and those other schools aren't nearly as worried about maintaining relationships with Chaminade as Mizzou is. When the Tigers offer an in-state kid they have to be ready to take his commitment immediately.

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