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Mizzou Links: Kenya Dennis is fast and aggressive, Jordan Clarkson's dad is a fighter

We all survived April Fools', everybody!

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Thomas Bryant swears Mizzou is still involved. WHAT SAY YOU, SAM SNELLING?

Mizzou Tigers pennant Kenya Dennis unleashed

The Trib: Dennis uses aggression to his benefit at corner for MU

As last year progressed, the crowning moments (four pass break-ups against Kentucky, an interception against Tennessee) outnumbered the humbling ones (struggling to cover Texas A&M’s Josh Reynolds during his 125-yard, two-touchdown game).

"Things have slowed down," Dennis said. "I know a lot of the tendencies on the other guys, and I’ve learned how to watch film as a player. I became a lot smarter.

"It was us just getting together as a group. It was all of the corners. We watched a lot of film. We stayed after practice and worked on our man technique. All those small things added up, and it finally helped us out in the end."

Mizzou Tigers pennant Hell of a story

LA Daily News: Lakers’ rookie Jordan Clarkson finds inspiration from his father - coach, friend, cancer survivor

Mizzou Tigers pennant Sophie

The Missourian: SOPHIE IN THE SPOTLIGHT: In final night on McDonald's All-American stage, Cunningham embraces every moment

Mizzou Tigers pennant Good news: 10 more runs! Bad news: 6 more runs!

MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou Takes Down SLU, 10-6
The Trib: MU softball team beats the rain and the Billikens
The Missourian: Chelsea Thomas returns to Columbia as Missouri softball tops SLU 10-6

Mizzou Tigers pennant I had not heard about this

The Missourian: FROM READERS: Loof Lirpa, the star Missouri football recruit that never was

We got the MU football program to lend us a helmet, jersey and football, and we recruited Missourian photographer Randee Kaiser — now the deputy sheriff of Jasper County — to do a photo shoot that featured Peter playing the role of Loof.

One photo showed a blurred Peter/Loof streaking across Faurot Field while wearing shorts, work boots and, of course, the helmet. Another showed Peter/Loof from behind, gazing toward the scoreboard and the huge letter "M" at the far end of the stadium, his name — L. Lirpa — subtly displayed in handwritten letters on a piece of white tape stripped across the back of his helmet.

The morning we published the story, Peter was smart enough to come in to the office early. He ended up being interviewed about our amazing "scoop" on drive-time AM radio. Someone at KBIA, the MU-affiliated public radio station, read the story in its entirety on the air, and then let listeners in on the secret (because we didn’t in the story). I remember Prof. Don Ranly coming by the office in the early afternoon and giving me a smiling finger-wagging. "No, no, no!" he said. "No, no, no, no, no!"

Mizzou Tigers pennant USA Volleyball > Lacrosse

MUTIGERS.COM: Kan Selected to Represent USA Volleyball at World University Games

Mizzou Tigers pennant A tough season begins to wrap up

MUTIGERS.COM: Tigers Close Out Spring Home Schedule This Weekend