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Saturday live thread: Baseball tries to bounce back, Softball fights LSU and rain

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What are you up to on this lovely (for now) Saturday?

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Good morning! If you live in Columbia and are expecting to do something outside today, it sounds like you better be doing it right now. Rain's a-coming.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Save us (again) Tanner Houck

Vandy scored six runs in the third to cruise to a 9-2 win over Mizzou in the first game of the winner-leads-the-East series. Game 2 begins at 2pm today on SEC+, and Tanner Houck will attempt to turn tomorrow's game into a rubber match.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Huuuuuuge softball series starts today (or someday)

Mizzou hosts No. 3 LSU in a pretty enormous series that's scheduled to start at University Field at 2pm today. And it'll probably be raining. This is a Saturday-Monday series for TV -- the first two games are supposed to be on SEC+, and the Monday game is supposed to be on SEC Network. We'll see.

The Trib: Former slap-hitter Fagan develops into power threat for Missouri

Mizzou Tigers pennant Hey, John!

The Trib: MU grad Anderson gives a peek into career at ESPN

Anderson talked about enrolling at MU in 1983 as a freshman from Green Bay, Wis., aiming to study journalism and compete in the high jump for Coach Bob Teel.

"I tease Coach" Norm "Stewart all the time: He enticed me with Stipo and Sundvold, and I got here for" Greg "Cavener and Prince Bridges," Anderson said to laughs.

When Anderson got to MU — or even when he graduated in 1987 — he never dreamed of a career at ESPN. The network, launched in 1979, hadn’t even reached adolescence in those days. [...]

"When I started there, it was like 3,500 people," he said. "Now, it’s like 8,500 people. It’s crazy. We’re in umpteen different" countries.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Longevity!

It's pretty crazy to me to start thinking of how Gary Pinkel has already coached here longer than Dan Devine has, and and how if he lasts to the end of his contract, he'll have coached almost as many years as Don Faurot.

(Side note: I DON'T think he goes until the end of the contract, at least not without another contract extension. There's a delicate balancing act with recruiting when a guy is reaching obvious retirement -- Steve Spurrier's going through a little of that right now -- and I think the most likely scenario is Pinkel 'suddenly' retiring a couple of years before the contract is supposed to end. Regardless, he'll be approaching 20 years here even if he does retire early.)