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Duke vs Wisconsin, The Lazy Fan's Guide to the 2015 NCAA Basketball Championship

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All series must have an endpoint, and that endpoint comes tonight in Indy. Who's gonna win? Consider this your live thread for tonight's game.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we've made it! The championship game, it's here. The month of March flew by as did the conference and NCAA tournaments and we're just down to two:  Duke and Wisconsin. These teams won on Saturday and now are looking for an opportunity to cut down the nets and be crowned best amateur basketball players in the United States.

Let's get to the previewing shall we?

#1 Duke vs #1 Wisconsin
9:18 PM Eastern on CBS, with Jim Nantz, Grant Hill and Bill Raftery on the call.
Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis

How'd they get here?

  • Wisconsin beat Coastal Carolina, Oregon, UNC, Arizona and Kentucky
  • Duke beat Robert Morris, San Diego State, Utah, Gonzaga and Michigan State

(Of note, these two teams met in December, where Duke shot 65% and won 80 to 70.)

I mean we can go straight into the x's and o's, pick and rolls and picket fences of this game but when it comes down to it you're either someone that doesn't dislike Duke with the power of a thousand suns or you do. There's really no in between with Duke it seems, unless you're cheering for your bracket, I mean if there's cash on the line I suppose you could root for Duke...that sweet opportunity to make it rain...  But let's be honest, whose bracket isn't in shambles at this point?

Anyway, I encapsulate the game like this:  Duke is Dark Helmet  in Spaceballs and Wisconsin is Lone Star.

So if you're a person who is rooting for good, the answer is clear, go with the meteor Wisconsin.

Now, if you hate snakes I could see you rooting for Duke since Bo Ryan kind of looks kind of like a snake, so for you snake haters, pull Duke. Duke's coach only looks slightly like a rodent.  And a snake versus a rodent, well, we all know how that ends.

Unfortunately, tonight's matchup also means we're stuck with the hideousness of Wisconsin's uniforms again (most likely)   Adidas, what have you done?   Drink when Kaminsky flops, honestly the guy would do well in another sport possibly.

And why can't we review a shot clock violation unless it's at the end of the game?  If you were watching the action Saturday night, and if you were using Sling the answer is probably no, you weren't alone.

The Kentucky/Wisconsin game averaged 22.6 million total viewers (up 39% vs. 2014) to become the most-viewed National Semifinal game telecast in 19 years and the most-viewed college basketball game in cable television history.

A Mizzou note for you young ones.  We beat Wisconsin in the tourney in 1994, scoring over 100 points that game.  I know the idea of Mizzou scoring 100 now is, well, just silly, but we'll get there again someday, but for now, you can relive the second half here, though not the best quality.


There you have it, the facts as they stand right now, answers to your questions about where to swing from tonight. We hope you feel better, I know we do.
We also hope that you've enjoyed this experience and if you didn't, well too bad it's coming back in the Fall as the Lazy Fan's Guide takes on each week of the SEC football season!  
See you in September...