RMN - STL Meetup on Sunday, April 19th

You type in "Get-Together" into the photo search and this is what you get - John Moore/Getty Images

So yeah, we are well behind (at least) Como, KC and the DC Jimmies (as well as some folks from Boston as well I believe) in getting together, but our brother Switzy will be coming through town and that is as good of an excuse as any to finally break bread and drink things. With the Spring Game the afternoon before, we should also have stuff to discuss if people are so inclined, so let's do it. I believe Switz will be staying in Maryland Heights, so let's aim to meet around there (and use this as an excuse to not get into the whole St. Louis/SCC discussion). I am thinking Dave and Busters is a good and perfectly benign choice, with plenty of TV's for sports watching and food/drink for sports ignoring. Hell, it is family-friendly in case anyone wants to bring the kiddos as well. Let's open this up with folks posting some preferred times (I figure middle/late afternoon probably makes the most sense) and we will go from there.

{EDIT - Since Switzy is not getting in until at least 4pm, I imagine we will look more towards late afternoon/early evening to best accommodate his arrival}

{2nd EDIT - Let's push this back to the top of the page to make sure folks are seeing this before the weekend}

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