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Mizzou Links: Ranked Baseball, Tanner Houck wins SECPOW, and transfer talk

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Another SEC pitcher of the week award, basketball transfer talk, a nice three part series on the state of women's hoops, softball checks in on how the season's stats are piling up, and some Shane Ray talk.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Let's hear from Connor McGovern:

Mizzou Tigers pennant Baseball: Pitching & polls

Houck's pretty good at this pitching thing.

Houck named SEC pitcher of the week (the fourth time a Mizzou pitcher has earned that title already this year)

Mizzou ranks in four out of the five top 25 polls

A good week for baseball

Jamieson said Houck's performance on Saturday was nothing new. Houck has the best record on the starting rotation (5-1) and in his three starts against ranked opponents he pitched 23 innings with 17 strikeouts, three walks and five earned runs.

"The coach from Florida told me that's the best stuff they've seen all year from anybody," Jamieson said.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Football

CFB mailbag with Bruce Feldman

Are the Vols ready to contend for the SEC East or are they still a year or two away?  I think the Vols are still too young to predict they are the favorites to win the SEC East. I'd go with Georgia and then perhaps Mizzou, but I feel like they're trending upwards now more than South Carolina or a rebuilding Florida program. I do buy that Butch Jones has Tennessee ready to "contend" in the East, and by 2016 they should be primed to make a run at the SEC title.

David Morrison scrimmage stats

Mizzou Tigers pennant Basketball transfer talk

Michigan State Basketball in Running for Missouri Transfer?

Izzo took trips to see Williams at his home, including one in September of 2012. The former four-star power forward also took an unofficial visit to East Lansing just days later in the same month and it looked like the Spartans were in a good position to land the top-rated player. However, he kept his front-runner very silent throughout the process and he surprised some people by picking Missouri just a month later.

Sam's take on Payne from his March recruiting piece, if you missed out / haven't read it yet.

Martavian Payne is a 6'2" 170 lb combo guard who originally hails from St. Louis MO where he went to Imagine Prep. Payne started High School at Marquette and played as a freshmen with Ryan Rosburg. He then transferred to Imagine, and when Imagine closed he ended up at Madison Prep. Payne was a bit of a victim of the St. Louis school system, and never made it to Southeast Missouri State after signing a Letter of Intent to play there. After two years of playing at JALC he has offers from Missouri, Creighton and Kansas State. Payne shoots over 42% from 3-point range, and was the MVP of the regional tournament that helped get JALC to the national tournament this year.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Wrapping up women's hoops

Toppmeyer's three part Q&A with Coach Pingeton:

Part One: Reflecting on this season

Part Two: Looking at next year's roster

On incoming freshman, Sophie Cunningham:

Q: Do you expect her to be your best player next year?

Pingeton: "I think she’s got a chance to be one of our best players. She’s an awfully talented young lady. She’s got a great motor. She’s had one heck of a high-school career. But that’s not for me to determine in April. Certainly, she’s a special young lady that’s got a ton of ability, and I would think she would come in and make an immediate impact at a very high level for us."

Part Three: Looking to the future

Mizzou Tigers pennant Softball stats!

Mizzou Tigers pennant More of Shane Ray!'s scouting report

Yet another mock draft (that has Ray ending up with the Jets.  Sheldon!!)

Tennessee Titans interview with Shane Ray (warning autoplay video on

Mizzou Tigers pennant Other musings

Top 40 college bars

Pretty sure one RMN'er in particular wouldn't agree with the Mizzou option.

Marlins encounter a rain delay, yet they have a roof.

Best line: "I called Jeffrey [Loria] as soon as I knew for sure there was going to be rain delay. He said, ‘I thought we had a roof.’ I said, that’s a reasonable answer."

And Bill C. is still out of town.  Over/under on how many pairs of Pumas went along for the trip?