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Mizzou Links: Markus Golden, #DLineZou, a KC Connection, and another big softball weekend

Happy 10th anniversary, Mrs. Bill C.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Gary Pinkel speaks. You listen.

Mizzou Tigers pennant #DLineZou

2015 NFL draft: Q&A with Missouri DE Markus Golden - NFL -

SI: Those two guys left Missouri together. This year, it's you and Shane Ray. When you have so many NFL-caliber players at similar positions, do you feel any extra need to stand out a little bit? Have you noticed teams comparing you and Shane at all?

Golden: I had 20 tackles for loss, 10 sacks ... that's going to guarantee you to get your own evaluation, when you're making plays, you know? It's good to be able to play and compete against those guys—Shane's going to the NFL, Kony put up numbers, Mike Sam put up numbers. Those guys played at a high level like me. That was the best experience of my college football experience: playing with all those guys.

SI: Are you hearing from more 3-4 or 4-3 teams right now?

Golden: Yeah, I've had a lot of both, 3-4 [linebacker] and [4-3] DE. Most teams want to talk about 3-4. Like I said, whatever a team wants me to play, I'll play.

Which gives me an excuse to just watch highlights of Markus Golden, like this:

Seriously, if we could find someone with video editing experience to start doing these for us ...that'd be great.

NFL Draft Stock Update: Ray holds steady, Green-Beckham on the borderline - Columbia Daily Tribune

Golden's holding fairly steady -- if still trending down a little -- since his initial fall around the combine's close.

Kiper said he sees him as a third-day pick (fourth round or later) because he just doesn't have the measurables in height, weight and arm length to be an every-down pass rusher.

The Trib: Kansas City connection strong for sophomores Harris, Sherrils

His ascension was a pleasant surprise for Coach Gary Pinkel, who was more impressed by Harris’ basketball highlights than any film he saw of him as a prep football player.

"You’ve got a very mature guy, a very good student, very great competitor, great kid," Pinkel said. "Even though he was just a decent high school football player, you saw this phenomenal athlete. And then we hit on a guy who has all these intangibles. That’s who we’ve got out there now." [...]

The two plan to move in together again for their sophomore seasons. It worked well the first time. Why not try a sequel?

"He’s a clean freak, just like me. That’s why we meshed so well," Harris said. "I have to keep my stuff clean. I like my room smelling good, my shoes, clothes, everything looking good and smelling good. He’s the same way. There are just certain characteristics and traits we share that we just mesh so well."

The Maneater: Through hardships, D-Line Zou excels

"We try not to look at it as being Shane and Markus," Loud said of the new duo’s comparisons. "We’re Marcus and Charles. They have their own style, we have our own style. We just gotta understand that together. We come to set our own (standard). We want our own thing, we don’t want to be remembered as being the next thing. We are ourselves. We’re not worried about the hype, we’re not worried about anything."

Loud battled with Hatley as Golden’s backup for the majority of last season, racking up just 14 tackles and 0.5 sacks in 13.2 snaps per game. [...]

"I’m putting myself more out there in the sense of trying to mature and becoming more of a student of the game," Loud said. "In the process of maturing, in the process of everything, I’m just constantly showing that I’m seeking improvement. I want to be great, and I want to be the next big player."

Mizzou Tigers pennant One of Mizzou's few in-state offers likes what he sees

CBC running back Tre Bryant visited Columbia recently.

PowerMizzou: 'Mizzou is a great place'

"It was more of a personal visit. They showed me around the campus and the facilities more. I got to sit down and talk with coach [Gary] Pinkel for about 15 minutes. It was personal," he explained. "I got to sit in on the running back meeting and the full team meeting as well. That was pretty cool. That was right before they went to practice, which I got to watch also. I'm starting to get a way better feel for Mizzou."

Mizzou Tigers pennant Every weekend is a big softball weekend

Mizzou Tigers pennant Gymnastics wraps up (and sings)

Mizzou Tigers pennant MU Lakers and MU Hawks

Nuggets cruise past Lakers, 119-101, with third-quarter surge - LA Times

Jeremy Lin (knee) was a late scratch, giving rookie Jabari Brown his first NBA start.  He finished with 11 points on three-of-12 shooting.

Mizzou Tigers pennant WHATNOT

MUTIGERS.COM: No. 23 Mizzou Heads to Rocky Top For Three Televised Games

MUTIGERS.COM: Tennis Concludes Regular Season At No. 44 Auburn And No. 11 Alabama

MUTIGERS.COM: Kaysie Clark, Dominique Richardson Make FC Kansas City Roster