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Surviving the Off-Season

Earlier this week the college basketball came to a thrilling conclusion, leaving us with nothing to do but wait for football to start up anew. Right?

Jack Peglow


Spring is a joyous season, full of grandeur and life. There's baseball, softball, NBA playoffs, and increasingly enjoyable weather for you to revel in, so why are you sitting in front of your computer screen scoffing at the rantings of a deep-web Auburn message board commenter? Detach, friends. There are myriad ways for you to pass the time until football season, while also making setting yourself up to enjoy said football season to the fullest. Simply peruse this handy-dandy list of How To's, and you'll be well on your way to the the best Spring you've had in years.

We'll start with the Spring sports.

Invest in college baseball

Enjoy MLB

Follow college softball

Watch golf

Enjoy the NBA playoffs

Now that you're sufficiently entertained, here's how you can set yourself up for optimum football enjoyment come Fall.

Prep for football

Taper expectations

And, for good measure, make sure you get some fresh air!

Avoid cabin fever