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ESPN: SEC schools to each receive $31.1 million payout

That's about $10 million more than last year.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Brett McMurphy is reporting that the total SEC will be distributing $435 million in revenue to its schools. That breaks down to a little more than $31 million per school, an increase of a bit more than $10 million per school over last year.

The Big 12 will distribute "north of $250 million," sources told ESPN. [...] By comparison, the Big Ten distributed $338.9 million during the 2013-14 fiscal year, according to IRS filings, the most recent data available.

This money comes mostly from television revenues -- the SEC network, football and basketball games, bowl games, conference championships, etc.

The SEC was already the most consistently impressive money maker in college sports, as noted by the USA Today's release of 2013-14 figures earlier this week. Of listed schools, the SEC had 10 of the top 25 teams in the country and 12 of the top 38.

SEC (national rank), by Revenue (% change from 2012-13)

1 (4). Alabama: $153.2 million (6.5%)
2 (6). LSU: $133.7 million (13.8%)
3 (9). Florida: $124.6 million (-4.2%)
4 (10). Texas A&M: $119.5 million (27.1%)
5 (13). Auburn: $113.7 million (9.6%)
6 (14). Tennessee: $107.5 million (-3.7%)
7 (19). Georgia: $103.5 million (5.5%)
8 (22). South Carolina: $98.6 million (9.0%)
9 (24). Arkansas: $96.8 million (-3.0%)
10 (25). Kentucky: $96.7 million (1.0%)
11 (32). Missouri: $83.7 million (9.7%)
12 (38). Ole Miss: $75.8 million (3.3%)
13 (51). Mississippi State: $62.3 million (-0.8%)

Add about $10 million to each of those coffers (while keeping everyone else's revenue stable ... which isn't quite accurate, obviously), and you would end up with 10 teams in the top 18 and 12 in the top 31. Missouri would move to about 27th.

Money wasn't the only reason Missouri wanted to move to the SEC, and to be sure, money in all power conferences is pretty damn good right now; after all, each Big 12 school will be receiving about $25 million this year (if distributed evenly, which...). But it does appear the money is better in the SEC and will continue to be so as the SEC Network continues to get off of the ground. Combined with less behind-the-scenes drama and infinitely more stability, and you've got yourself a pretty happy home.