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Sunday Live Thread: It'd be awesome if Marcell Frazier was awesome

Marcell Frazier is a pretty significant wildcard for this year's Mizzou team. When Marcus Loud got kicked off the team, we all thought "Well, guess that's more time spent in a 3-4," but if Frazier's quickness translates, Mizzou still has two good sophomore starers.

Fullback U

And what are you up to on what is supposed to be a rather pretty Sunday?

Mizzou Tigers pennant Marcell

JUCO transfer and soon-to-be Tiger Marcell Frazier went on KTGR yesterday to tell his story.

Q: Do your expectations change at all with Marcus Loud being dismissed?

A: They definitely do. I have to come in that much more ready. But Coach Kool (Kuligowski) told me when they started recruiting me in November that they knew Shane Ray would declare early and Markus Golden was a senior. So they said they’re losing two highly productive guys and they need me to make an impact. They didn’t need me to start back then because like you said, they had Loud and they had (Charles) Harris, but now they just have Harris. And now they don’t need me to just be a rotation guy. They need me to be, I’m pretty sure, a high producer guy. Most likely, what it sounds like, is a starter. But I know those redshirt freshmen could do the job. They just don’t have experience. So I think they will need me to be a starter. But I’m ready for whatever it is. Like we were talking about off the air, it’s been a crazy roller coaster. So when I get there I’m going to be ready to work. I don’t know exactly what it’ll be, but when I get there, I’ll be ready to work.

Q: You said you played wide receiver in high school. I’m assuming that means you’re fairly athletic?

A: Yeah, my last 40 was last spring. It was like a 4.65. Laser timed, my laser timed 40 in high school, was a 4.68 at one of the Nike Combines.

Q: And what are you weighing now?

A: I’m between 255 and 260 now. At the season I started off around 240 and I ended at like 260. But I would rather play at 250 than 260. At 260 I was still fast but my body felt a little more sluggish. There was a little more strain on my ankle and my knees. At 250 my knees could handle it, my ankles could handle it and my body was carrying the weight a little better.

It'd be awesome if he turned out to be awesome. Here's another look at his Hudl film as a refresher. He's definitely quick, and his measurables (260ish, 4.7ish) seem pretty exciting. We'll see.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Offseason, hope, and hats

The Trib: Earleywine enters offseason with hopes of restoring pitching, program to higher level
The Trib: TAKE TWO: Hats Off Greeting Cards, when you care enough to send the very least

After acquired the emails through a records request and wrote a story about the exchange, Earleywine and Hesse issued apologies. For Earleywine, I see an opportunity to make lemonade of these lemons with his own brand of "Hats Off" greeting cards.

When life offers you special occasions demanding an upraised middle finger, let the master find the perfect words to express your feelings.

Neighborhood dispute? "Thank you for reminding me how much I love listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd rather than sleeping at 3 a.m. and recognizing how patches of my lawn could benefit from a pit bull fertilization regimen. Hats off … ."

Mizzou Tigers pennant Four more

MUTIGERS.COM: Tigers Qualify Four for Eugene on Final Day

Mizzou Track & Field closed the NCAA West Preliminary Round on Saturday (May 30) with three more qualifications into the NCAA Championships, bringing the final tally up to seven for advancement on to Eugene. Seniors Macauley Garton and Jill Rushin, and freshmen Alex Pascal and John Warren will join senior Kearsten Peoples, senior Katrine Haarklau, and junior Markesh Woodson at the final meet of the collegiate outdoor season -- the NCAA Championships in Eugene, Ore., on June 13-15. [...]

The Tigers will have a week off before departing for Eugene, Ore., where they will take on the NCAA Championships from June 13 -- 15. For the latest on Mizzou Track & Field, stay tuned to and follow the team on Twitter @MIZ_TrackField.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Today in cryptic Wes Clark tweets

Mizzou Tigers pennant When I worked at DESE...

...and drove to Jeff City every day, I cannot tell you how many times I saw that billboard and thought, "You know what? Screw it ... I'm going this year." Never went.