Rock M is looking for a Columbia editor


Rock M Nation is looking for a new contributor to serve as a "Columbia Editor". This individual would attend local events, write about restaurants or happenings around town, assist in other sports coverage, and generally help cover the culture and town behind Missouri athletics. Experience with Instagram and other social media accounts strongly preferred. Candidates must be local to Columbia. To apply, please send a writing sample to

Want to write for Rock M? Live in or near Columbia? Good on the Internet? Check it out.

Here's the rationale behind this (unpaid, for now) position: SBN sites are at their best when they communicate the fan experience. With colleges, that means a large percentage of the people interested in the team have either grown up near the college town, spent a lot of time there, or spent very formative years there before leaving. We're looking for someone who can help to communicate both the Missouri experience and the Columbia experience to those who don't get to spend as much time here as they want.

A good candidate will have a few different skills -- photography, writing ... the ability to communicate in one format or another, basically. Interested?