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Mizzou's Greatest revisited: Taking nominations for 2014-15 people, teams, moments, and things

We're down to one entry remaining ... until we add a few more.

Paul Halfacre

Over the last two summers, we have been compiling and writing about the greatest people, teams, seasons, games, and moments in Missouri's long athletic history. The list skews a bit toward recent history, both because we remember recent things better and because the last couple of decades have been kinder to Mizzou than previous ones. Regardless, we're down to just one spot left on the countdown, which will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

BUT FIRST ... it's time to maybe add some more to it. As we did last summer, we're now taking recommendations for additions to the Greatest list, namely for things related to the 2014-15 athletic year.

2014-15 wasn't quite as kind to Mizzou as 2013-14 was, but now's the time to look into commemorating things. Who or what should make the list? Anything? Does Mizzou's 11-3 football campaign go on there? Mizzou's wrestling team spent time at No. 1, won the National Duals, and finished in the top 5. Does that warrant a top-100 placement? What about Drake Houdashelt, who finished his wrestling career a national champion and three-time All-American?

Do any specific games stand out to you? What about Mizzou-Arkansas on Black Friday?

If you want to nominate some person, team, season, game, moment, photograph, etc., do so in comments below. We'll take them into consideration when determining additions. We'll also be reposting some of the final posts in the countdown in the run-up to No. 1.

And while we're at it ... this is intended to be a living document, a living list of sorts. We reserve the right to change our minds (or have our minds changed) about given people, years, etc. Here's the current list, arranged by decade. (The ordered list can be found here.) Tell us why something is too high or too low, and we'll think about making a change.


6. Homecoming (supplemental)


29. Mizzou Basketball 1922
73. George Williams


33. Paul Christman


51. John Kadlec
62. Harry Ice vs. Kansas
75. Bob Steuber


3. Mizzou Baseball 1954
10-11. Don Faurot and a famous picture
31. Norm Stewart (athlete)
82. Bill Stauffer
87. Danny LaRose
106. The trailblazers


7. Mizzou Football 1960
9. Dan Devine
23. Mizzou Indoor Track 1965
24. Roger Wehrli
30. Hi Simmons
38. Mizzou Football 1969
39. Johnny Roland
55. 1968 Gator Bowl
86. Mizzou Baseball 1964
99. Mel Gray
105. Mizzou-Kansas State 1969


20. Mizzou-Nebraska 1978
27-28. Willie Smith and Willie vs. Michigan
34. John Brown
45. Mizzou-Alabama 1975
60. Kellen Winslow
69. "Did you see him?"
80. Mizzou-Ohio State 1976
83. Al Eberhard
85. Kim Anderson
88. Mizzou-Notre Dame 1978
96-97. Phil Bradley and James Wilder
104. Larry Drew


2. Norm Stewart (coach)
12. Stipo
36. Derrick Chievous
42. Lee Coward vs. KU
54. Renee Kelly
56. Jon Sundvold
63-64. Ricky Frazier and Mizzou Basketball 1981-82
98. Mizzou-Louisville 1982


13. Braggin' Rights 1993
21-22. Doug Smith and Mizzou-Kansas 1990
37. Anthony Peeler
43. Corey Tate vs. KU
49-50. Mizzou Basketball 1994 and Mizzou-Nebraska
61. Devin West vs. Kansas
76. Melvin Booker
77-78. Mizzou's 1997 backfield and Corby vs. Nebraska
84. Godzilla eats West Virginia
101. Justin Smith


4-5. Chase Daniel and MU 36, KU 28
14. The 2007 receiving corps
15. Danario Alexander 2009
16. Mizzou Football 2007
17. Christian Cantwell
35. Jacob Priday's Friday
44. Zaire Taylor vs. KU
47-48. A screenshot and a magazine cover
52-53. Mizzou Basketball 2008-09 and a picture
57-58. Mizzou-Nebraska 2003 and the video
59. Brian Smith
65. Tony Temple vs. Arkansas
66. Max Scherzer
68. Lindsey Hunter
71-72. Brad Smith and Brad vs. Texas Tech (2003)
79. Clarence Gilbert vs. Kansas (2000)
81. Sonny Riccio to Victor Sesay
89. Mizzou-Iowa State 2001
93. The best dunk that never happened
94. The best dunk that did happen
103. Mizzou-Texas A&M 2007
107. Mizzou Volleyball 2005


8. Mizzou Football 2013
18. Chelsea Thomas
19. One State, One Spirit
25-26. Homecoming 2010 and Gahn McGaffie's kick return
32. The Henry Josey story
40-41. Mizzou and Marcus Denmon vs. Kansas (2012)
46. Michael Sam comes out
67. Mizzou Volleyball 2013
70. 2014 Cotton Bowl
74. Rhea Taylor
90. Mizzou Basketball 2011-12
91. Mizzou signs No. 1
92. Kreklow to Henning
95. 2013 defensive ends
100. MIZ-SEC
102. The Moe Miracle